My Definition of Success

I hear the word Success A LOT!!! Whether it’s fitness, business, or life related success comes in all shapes and sizes. One person’s definition of success can be completely different than another person’s. To be honest I use to think that making a certain amount of money meant you were successful. I was so wrong, you can have success in all aspects of life not just in your bank account.

A former friend of mine convinced me I could do the Spartan Race. The Wintergreen Super Spartan is said to be one of the hardest Spartan Races out there due to the location and length. It takes place right smack dab in the middle of the mountains. I had no idea what I was in for. In my head I figured why not? What is the worst that could happen?

Before I started the race I said my only goal would be to finish. I wanted to attempt every obstacle and do my 30 burpees for every obstacle I didn’t complete. Some people said they wanted to finish in a certain amount of time. I had a time in mind that I would’ve liked to finish in but really I just wanted to finish. So to me I would be successful if I just finished which I did and I was elated. I felt like a total Bad Ass.

One of the people I rode with had a time goal in mind. She even got impaled by a stick and kept going just to reach that goal. To her reaching her time goal meant success. We both had two different definitions of success for the same race. We both achieved our success and felt pretty darn good about it.

In business and in life it’s hard for us to realize that our definition for success might greatly differ from someone else’s. One of my upline coaches for Beachbody at the beginning of this year was really pushing me towards a goal that was not my own. In his head that goal was success and to me that wasn’t. I felt overwhelmed and defeated until I realized its ok that I had a different goal. My goals are what matters to me. So I continued on with my own person goal so I could achieve my version of success not someone else’s.

When I think about success in my new business venture it has many facets. One facet is that I will make an income that will allow my husband the freedom to choose what he would like to do after he gets out of the Navy without having to worry whether it will be enough to provide for our family of six. Another facet is being debt free because I have been in debt my entire adult life. I am so ready to be done with that. Yet another facet is being able to be home with my kids when they need me and not be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. The final facet is that I am motivating women on a daily basis and helping them to find belief in themselves and the confidence to pursue their goals.

Notice that my version of success is not tied to a number in my bank account. Of course money plays into all of it but there is no firm number that I believe will make me successful. It’s how I feel and what I am able to accomplish. Some days are better than others but having belief in myself is key to any success. That doesn’t mean having a number in mind is wrong it’s just not part of my definition.

Success is not one size fits all. One persons version of success is not the same as another’s. That’s ok! The key is to sit down and really think about what success means to you. Does that mean being able to be home with your kids? Does that mean owning beach front property? Does that mean having the freedom to travel the world? Think about what would bring you peace, joy, and happiness. What does success mean to you?

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Sleeping on the Job

Most of my adulthood I spent not giving sleep or quality sleep a second thought. For three years of my early 20’s I would stay up until 2 am and get up for work at 6. It didn’t phase me then. I could do it over and over without any severe consequences.

Little did I know I was doing major damage to my body. I often wondered why I was always sick , struggled with my weight, and could not shake the cravings. I thought it was solely because I didn’t care for my body the way I should.

When I started on my fitness journey sleep was not something I saw as a crucial part of my success. Of course working out and eating right were at the top of the list but not sleep. I would stay up late watching TV or go hang out with friends. Often getting less sleep than I should and definitely getting less quality sleep.

I didn’t know why even though I was working out and eating right that I still struggled with my weight and cravings. My constant battle with emotional eating was just crazy. I just couldn’t kick that habit and I couldn’t fathom why.

About nine months ago I started listening to a podcast called The Model Health Show. In some of the episodes they spoke about the importance of sleep and the effects that too little sleep could have. Effects like increased depression, mood swings, poor cognitive function, poor immune function, decreased metabolism, etc… It was aligning with what I was seeing in my own life.

I was always getting sick and it wasn’t until I looked at how my sleep was leading up to getting sick that I saw a correlation. I also saw a correlation between more emotional eating and lack of sleep. All of these puzzle pieces kept coming together. I was no longer driving myself crazy wondering what more I could do. Sleep was the missing link.

When I read the first version of the book Sleep Smarter. It opened my eyes to what I was really doing to my body by not getting 7-9 quality hours of sleep. Sleep needed to become a priority if I valued my health. I started reading more and more on the subject so I could be sure I got enough quality sleep. Now I have created a night time routine.

Even today after all of that research I still have days I don’t get enough quality sleep whether through my own fault or because of my family being sick and I see the differences immediately. Usually it will start with a stuffy nose and my brain moving at the pace of a snail then move onto me becoming full blown sick. The full blown sick happened today because of really poor sleep last night and an awful stomach bug.

If you are someone who struggles with sleep I recommend reading Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson and Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. They both have some amazing tips to help you maximize your sleep. Both will be an eye opener to the importance of sleep. Start making sleep a priority and maximizing it as much as you can. It is so crucial for your health and wellness.

I’m Just A Mom

Wow! Those words just haunt me. I spoke one of my negative self talks out loud this past weekend and that one really hurt. It was so freeing to say because those words can’t hold me back anymore.

For the longest time I would let my thought of I am just a mom control what I did. When I left my middle daughters father in 2010 that thought stopped me from applying to a decent job. I felt I had nothing to offer an employer because “I was just a mom” so I applied to places like Burger King, Arby’s, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart. I had so much more potential than that.

When I first started my business as a Beachbody coach I thought why anyone want me as their coach… “I am just a mom”. I realized in no time the fact that I was a mom was something that resonated deeply with other women. If she’s a mom and can do all of this well I can too. I wasn’t just a mom I was coach too. I could help others.

When trying to make friends with other women I thought they wouldn’t want to be friends with me because “I’m just a mom.” Really what would I have to offer in  a friendship as just a mom? It held me back from connecting with so many women on amazing levels for so long. I also ended up connecting with women who had that same thought in their heads too. I literally had a “friend” ask when I was going to get a real job because being “just a mom” was not doing anything.

I had lost myself in this self talk of being just a mom. I was attracting people into my life who were thinking the same thing about me. I defined myself in such a way that my true colors could not show. I became Just a mom. I lost Megan. Who was she? How did she feel? What did she like? What value can she provide?

Turns out I had a lot of value I could provide. It wasn’t until I started to break free from that definition that I could shine.I started attracting people into my life who saw my value. I am more than just a mom… I am me. Being a mom is only a small but important piece of that.

This weekend provided me the final push to completely remove that definition of I am just a mom. Now I can say I am Megan. I am fun, genuine, honest, authentic, a coach, a speaker, a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a mentor, a sister, etc…. All these things and so much more that make up who I really am. I will not say I am just because I am not just anything. I am… ME!

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We Cannot Change Other People We can Only Change Ourselves, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Podcast

I Knew I was Meant for More

Whew first blog post. What a scary thing.. Now to commit to myself and to you all. I want to make a difference and here is one venue I can.

September 2014 I made the decision to become a Beachbody coach. I really didn’t know what that meant or what I was suppose to do. I had no idea how it would change my life.

It began with my first fitness accountability group. I was flying by the seat of my pants just yearning to help someone change their lives the way fitness had changed mine. I wanted them to feel happy, healthy, vibrant, and confident. That first group began my obsession with helping others.

I started saying I was an online fitness coach because Beachbody Coach never resonated with me. I was not defined by Beachbody, people wanted to work with ME. Beachbody just happened to be the vehicle by which they could do that.

I couldn’t believe people really wanted to work with me. I started getting requests… how can I have you in my living room? I was baffled that it wasn’t the programs they wanted but me. Really, Truly.. ME!!!

I started to feel this tugging on my heart and soul. I felt like I was meant for so much more than I was doing. I yearned to help women in other ways not just with at home workout programs and accountability groups. I wanted to help motivate them to believe in themselves and find the confidence to pursue their goals.

My fire was lit when two dear friends of mine also said they thought I was meant for more. They offered to pow wow with me so we could come up with how. The answer was clear.. motivational speaking, and life and fitness coaching.

After that pow wow fear started to creep in. What if I fail? What if people don’t want to work with me? What if they think I’m a fraud? So I decided I need to get all of these “certifications” to make myself “legit”.

I failed to see that I was preventing myself from getting started. That was until it hit in the face via two life coaches I met at the Modern Femme Convention this past weekend. They busted through my fears and “excuses” and lit a fire under my ass.

Instead of saying I want to  I am now saying I am. I am a motivational speaker… I motivate people on Facebook with my video and Facebook lives. I am a life and fitness coach.. I have coached women in both aspects over the last year and a half.

I am still scared and nervous but I am ready. I am ready to start this new endeavor. I hope you will all be along for the ride.