Get Out Of My Way


I am seriously the best person to get into my own way. Everything goes hunky dory then I self sabotage. I sabotage my relationships, business, and health. It all boils down to  that feeling of not being worthy.

Wow that is a hard pill to swallow. Makes me want to build a blanket fort and hide out under it. Please don’t make me adult. Why do I have to face my demons? Simply put so the madness can stop.

This is my life. I am in charge of it no one else. I am worthy of an absolutely amazing life. I am worthy of awesome relationships, a thriving business, and a healthy body. I can change me, my actions, and my reactions.

Where do I begin on this journey of being worthy? It all begins with taking a hard look at where it all begins to unravel. What plans can I put into place to stop the cycle of self sabotage?  Like everything else all starts with the mind.

What can effect the mind? Negativity, alcohol, lack of sleep, no personal development… the list goes on and on. Many, many things can effect the mind. Generally I can control all of these things.  If I can control it I can change it.

As a motivational mindset coach I know quite well how important working on your mindset is. It can be really hard sometimes. When we take time to notice where we are struggling with mindset and what things make us struggle more we can put a plan in place to help work on it. Taking imperfect action daily.

It’s not an overnight thing. Despite having made leaps and bounds in my personal development I still have a looong way to go. I can start by forgiving myself for all the times I have self sabotaged and view those times as learning lessons. Lessons that are going to make a better, happier person.

Now to make a plan. Deciding upon small changes and implementing them one at a time will help to cut back on the overwhelm. With time and some hard work this self sabotage will be a distant memory.


Comment below and let me know where you self sabotage.



You Are Enough


The one person that hold us back from achieving everything we want in life is us. It’s us and the story we tell ourselves. Many of those stories start with an “I AM..” statement. I am not pretty enough. I am not skinny enough. I am not smart enough. I am just a mom. I am just a wife, I am a fraud. I am not creative enough.

Honestly it’s a whole lot of BS. We get all up in our own head and allow that negative inner voice to speak more than it really should. We talk to ourselves in a way we would never, ever talk to someone we love and care about. We treat ourselves worse than we would ever let someone else treat us.

New flash… when you talk to yourself negatively your allowing others to talk to you that way too. Then when they do and they say the same things you are saying to yourself it reaffirms what you’ve been thinking all along. It just feeds the negative mindset beast. Then down the negativity rabbit hole we go.

What would happen if we were just to say… I am enough? Not just say it but believe it too?  What if we truly believed we were enough? What would happen if we started talking to ourselves in a positive manner? I know what would happen. We would be UNSTOPPABLE!

Why? Our confidence will grow. We will believe in ourselves. We will be willing to take chances. We won’t be so scared. We will pull up our big girl pants and do some pretty freaking awesome things.

Wow that’s powerful.  But where do we even start? We have been struggling with this negative beast for longer than we even remember. It’s big, hungry, and has no intention of going away. Yikes! That’s pretty scary.

Here are a few things that might help:

  1. Treat your inner voice like you would a child throwing a tantrum (Thank you Darryl Stewart). You wouldn’t yell at a child and tell them to shut the hell up. Instead you would tell them that i that’s enough, it’s going to be ok and let them know they are safe.
  2. Flip your mindset around. When your inner voice speaks up in a not so nice tone flip it around. Turn that I am not enough to I am enough.
  3. Think of yourself as someone you love. Treat yourself accordingly. How would you treat someone you love? How would you want them to treat you?
  4. Talk to yourself in a positive manner. Yes this goes along with #3 but this is before your inner voice speaks up. Start saying some positive affirmations in the mirror every morning. You can start with the one “I AM ENOUGH!”
  5.  Get out of your comfort zone. There is no better way to prove to yourself that you are enough then doing something that scares you a little. Show you that you can do it.

It can be tough believing in ourselves. It can be scary. The zone of no belief is a safe zone for everyone. We can’t be hurt if we stay there. We can’t get hurt if we stay small and don’t believe. We can’t experience pain if we don’t do anything out of the ordinary. We feel safe in all our negative self talk because it’s scary to believe in ourselves. It makes us feel a bit unccomfortable

Time to get out of our comfort zones and remember we also can’t experience pure joy in the safe zone. We can’t feel that sense of accomplishment after we achieve your goals. We attract what we believe and we  start to attract some not so awesome people. That doesn’t sound like a very good time to me.

I know you can do this. Start with I am enough because you are more than enough. You Rock!

If you need any help with those positive affirmations I am your girl. You can schedule here:

Staying Motivated

Life is a roller coaster. Whether you are a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur it’s a roller coaster. We all have our ups and downs  and sometimes the downs are really down. It’s so easy to stay motivated when everything is hunky dory because that motivation just feeds into itself. While when the downs come we really, really struggle to keep going.  Sometimes it can feel like your crawling in the mud under barb wire al la Spartan Race style.

How do we stay motivated? Motivation has many pieces and so much can help us . There are a lot of things that can hinder us too. The great things is many of these things are universal so whether you are losing motivation for doing laundry or getting a new client these tips can help.

Start with WHY.

Why do you need/want to do this? Don’t give a surface why like because I want to get debt free. Get really deep so deep that you get a bit emotional. For example the debt free one is mine. When I get real deep I realize I don’t want to be dependent on anyone else to provide for me because that’s how I ended up homeless with nothing to my name at one point in time.

Set some SMART Goals.

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. Set long term goals but also break those up into shorter bite sized goals. We often get so overwhelmed with looking at the big picture that we lose that motivation. If you set smaller goals then you see progress faster. Example of what a SMART goal isn’t: I want to get healthy. Example of what it is: I want to lose 30 lbs in six months.

Celebrate your wins.

Find a win in every day. This is something you are proud you did that day. Even if that win is I got out of bed and put on pants when I wanted to sleep all day then celebrate that! Then find an ultimate win each week. Something totally awesome you did that week that you are super proud of. There is always something.

Self Care.

When you feel good you make good decisions. You are able to stay motivated easier . You only have so much bandwidth to be able to focus. If most of that focus is going towards how awful you feel then you don’t have a whole lot left over to help keep you motivated. I say start with getting enough sleep first.

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up.

When life pushes you down in that mud you need people to lift you up. This is so crucial because these are the people who will help keep you motivated. This could be friends, family, a coach (like me 😉 ), accountability partner,  networking groups, etc…. You can find these people anywhere. Just remember to be what you want to attract. If you want uplifting people around you need to be that too.  It’s a lot harder staying motivated without them.

These five things are part of the many things that can help you stay motivated. Remember it’s all within you. We all go through our own hard but we have the ability to choose to keep riding the roller coaster of life. Your hard is hard. My hard is hard, We can work on not making it so hard for each other. Shine your light brightly in the world.

You can sign up below for a recording of my motivation mindset webinar and a series of amazing emails that give more on the tips provided above and in the webinar. Stay fabulous!

5 things I learned from being a Beachbody Coach



September of 2014 I signed up as a Beachbody coach. I really didn’t know what was involved but I was already recommending the programs to other people so I thought why not. I had no idea what I would happen next.

The coach that signed me wasn’t uber active so I got my welcome email and was put into our team page.That was it.  I wasn’t sure what to do next but I saw everyone posting about doing these “challenge groups”. In my head I was like sure I can help people reach their fitness goals. So I started my first one.

I had never taken part in one of these groups so I didn’t know how to run them. I knew people needed to check in for accountability purposes so I made sure to post a check in. Beyond that I shared tips and articles that helped me. My first couple of groups I was a total crazy woman which worked for some but turned off a lot. It took me time to get the groove of what worked best.

Over time and the support of some amazing mentors I really got the hang of it all. To see it was all easy peasy would be lying but I really enjoyed helping others reach their fitness goals. Those who stuck with it saw changes in all aspects of their lives.  It was truly phenomenal to see how much fitness could change someone’s life.

I loved creating my own team and signing coaches who also wanted to help others. To see the changes not only in them but their clients created a feeling like no other. Helping people that in turn decide to help people became a magical thing.  I wanted to soak up as much magic as I could.

The downside was it was also very emotional. Like everything in life every coach was different. Some were warm and welcoming ready to share and help others grow. Some were cold and competitive and as soon as they knew you were in the same industry “Bye Bye Bye”. I found myself struggling to see who my real friends were and started to feel very icky about it all. Would these people really be my friends if I wasn’t a coach on their team?

The other downside was seeing people invest in these products and programs and doing NOTHING with them. I saw my coaches sign up to coach and do NOTHING with it. I was taking it all so personal and allowing it all to bring me down. I found myself constantly concerned with what my coaches and clients thought of me. I’ll never forget after working with someone for months having them quit and work with another coach. It stung and was a huge blow to my ego.

I worked a lot on my mindset so I could not only help reduce my stress but the stress of my team. I began sharing a lot of mindset and motivation tips with them. I realize now that Beachbody coaching helped me really become me. I went from an overweight stay at home mom with a negative mindset and little belief in herself to a business builder with a ton of confidence and radiating positivity.

I realized I could only control me, my actions, and my reactions not anyone else’s. As long as I was showing up regularly and providing the tools and support I was doing my job. I could not make others utilize the tools or amazing support system they had. They had to want to.

5 Things Beachbody Coaching Taught Me:

  1. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, That’s ok because I would rather help someone than sell to someone.
  2.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. You can provide people with the best programs, services, support, etc… but if they are motivated to do something the just won’t.
  3.  Collaboration is better than competition EVERY TIME! When we come from a competition mindset we can’t grow and flourish. It becomes a lonely existence.
  4.  Building relationships with others is sooo important. People want to work with someone they know and trust.
  5. If you want to build a business you need to show up every day. Building ANY business does not happen over night. You have to be consistent, it will take time and hard work. It’s all worth it though.

I am so thankful I was introduced to the Beachbody coaching opportunity. It helped me find myself, and my passion. I would not be building the business I am today, Megan Hall Motivation,  if I had not first built my Beachbody one. I’ve  learned so much about people and relationships. I also learned to just be me. I only want to work with people who really jive with the real me anyways. It’s just to much to try to be someone else. Being authentic is a much easier and less stressful thing to be.

If your someone who has been curious about Beachbody coaching please comment below or shoot me a message I would love to answer your questions and give you my honest feedback on whether it would be something that would work for you. Like me it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Comment below and let me know what are some lessons you have learned lately.