Body Shaming

As women we struggle with a lot of shame. It comes from society and within our own minds. We are taught growing up that certain things are acceptable and others are not.  We often think we have the right to shame other women about their life choices because they don’t match ours.. They wear to much makeup or not enough. They are too skinny or too fat. They are a bad mom for working outside the home or lazy for not working at all.

STOP WITH THE MADNESS ALREADY! It’s hard enough to be a woman without having other women tear us apart and make us feel less than. We should be supporting each other not using each other as the ladder  to make ourselves feel better. As women we need more support and collaboration and less competition. Shaming has got to go especially body shaming. Let us be who we are apologetically.



How to stop the Body Shame: 

  1. Stop Talking about Other Women
  2.  Pay No Mind to Others Opinions of  Your Body
  3. Love Yourself as You Are Right Now
  4. Have Realistic Expectations For Your Body
  5. Accept Not Only Yourself But Other Women as Well

It all starts with us as women. Let’s stop with the body shaming instead of tear others down for their looks get to know their soul. Someone’s outward appearance doesn’t dictate who they are inside.

Build a happy, healthy, thriving life for yourself because YOU ARE ENOUGH!




How to Attract Your Tribe

Why would you want to attract your tribe? We cannot do this all alone. I know you might be reading this and saying but I have my spouse or I have my sister or my mom so I don’t need a tribe. Sorry but I disagree. We ALL need a tribe.

Your tribe is a community of people who will support you, lift you up, and make you feel good about yourself. These are people who will help fill your bucket and truly care about your well being. This is  a place you will feel like you belong. I really want that for you. Below are my top five tips for attracting your tribe.

How to Attract Your Tribe:

  1. Go where they are… HINT It’s NOT in your house
  2. Be YOU. People can tell when your being inauthentic
  3. Be what you want to attract… Your vibes attract your tribe
  4. Give Back. Form relationships without expectations of anything but connections in return
  5. Cut the negativity, drama, and down right awfulness out of your life 

If you are a woman and i hope you are then please check out the Modern Femme Community. These women have helped me in so many ways, I am sure they will for you as well. Connect with them on Facebook and their Website .

If you are a Military Spouse Entrepreneur or Business Owner please check out the Milspo Project Community. These are people who really get what it’s like to be a military spouse AND run a business. Connect with them on Facebook and find a group near you on their Website.

I would love to hear what kind of tribe you want to attract. Leave a comment and let me know.




How to Say No Without the Guilt

The beginning of this week I realized I was burnt out. As a very social person I have been saying yes to waaaay to much! It all caught up with me. I was looking around my disastrous house, feeling exhausted, and not wanting to do a single thing.

That’s when I realized something had to give. I had to start saying no to things despite wanting to do everything. We can do it all juts not all at once. I cannot parent my children, be a support for my husband, run a business, go to all the meetings, and take care of my household  by myself. I figured out three ways to allow myself to say no while not feeling guilty.


My top three tips for saying no without the guilt:

  1. Set some rules for yourself. Without hard and fast rules we cannot thrive.
  2. Ask yourself three questions: Does it make me happy? Does it move me forward? Does it serve me in any way?
  3. Set your your top five priorities.

If it doesn’t follow your rules, answer yes to one of the questions or make your priorities say no. Save yourself from stress, overwhelm, and burn out.  I know you can do this!

Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!