Time is on Your Side

Unfortunately each and every one of us has a limited amount of time here on earth. Bummer huh? Good news! We can choose how we use that time.

I used to spend every day feeling like there just wasn’t enough time. I was a stay at home mom and felt like I didn’t have enough time to get everything done. Fast forward several years later, I do all of that and run a business. The difference is now I feel like I have plenty of time to do it all.

What changed? How I managed my time. I realized time was on my side as long as I utilized the proper tools. I could be an entrepreneur, mom of four, military wife, friend and adult all at the same time without completely losing my mind.

Here are  five tips for taking back your time:

  1. Allow For Wiggle Room. Things are going to happen.  Traffic could be bad, parking could be hard to find, kids might not get ready promptly, etc… allow room for the unexpected.
  2. Have An Online Scheduling Tool.  Ever have someone ask when you’re available but you’re waiting to hear back from someone else? Instead send them a link to schedule their own stuff. I use Acuity Scheduling.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Say “How About Next Week?”. We overbook ourselves because we are afraid that person or opportunity won’t still be interested next week. Trust me they will be and if they aren’t it wasn’t meant to be.
  4. Other People Don’t Know What Your Schedule Looks Like. Just say I am not available. You don’t have to give them a bunch of reasons why.
  5. Have A Calendar That Travels With You. How are you tracking all your meeting and appointments? What is preventing you from overbooking yourself? Take your calendar with you. I personally use the calendar on my phone which syncs with my Acuity Calendar as well.

This is your life and your time. Take control of it!  You can do it all you just can’t do it all at once. We need to manage our time so we can do it all and not feel exhausted every day.

Poor time management can cost us clients, friendships, and money. It can leave us feeling drained and stressed. We can end up with medical issues like high blood pressure or anxiety.

Take Care of yourself and everything else will fall into place. If you need help click sign up below and get your Self Care checklist. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!




Self Care is NOT Selfish


Self Care… what does that mean really? It means taking care of YOURSELF physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I use to think that I didn’t have time for self care. When I became too tired and too sick to care for my family I realized I didn’t have time not to.

Self Care is not being selfish. You are ensuring you are at your best so you can be there for those you care about. That doesn’t sound very selfish to me. You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you don’t first take care of yourself you can’t properly take care of other people.

I use to think I didn’t have time for self care. I thought it was waaay more time consuming than it actually really is. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. By taking some time to ensure our cup is full we have more energy to put into the things we need to get done. Trust me we are way more efficient when we take care of ourselves.

As a mom of four I often joke that moms don’t get sick days. It is so true though. It’s not that we don’t get sick days it’s when we take them everything else gets backed up. I had the stomach bug for three days which meant I spent the whole weekend catching up when I wanted to just chill out.  We get sick days but we have to make up for them.

So let’s agree to toss the whole Self Care is selfish idea and be more conscious of how we can fit it into our life. In what ways can you take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally? This is about what works best for you and your lifestyle not anyone else’s.

Here are five tips to help you get in daily Self Care:

  1. Choose at least one thing you can do each day to take care of yourself in the four key areas: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  2. Plan out WHEN you will fit those things into your day. They do not have to be super time consuming.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t do it for two days then skip a week. Part of creating a habit is consistency.
  4. Track it. Track what you do each day to help you stay on track. You can sign up below for our handy Self Care checklist to help you out.
  5. Cut yourself some slack. It’s not a perfect system. You will have days you don’t get it all in. Trying and not giving up is key.

Self Care does not have to be difficult or time consuming. It’s all about filling up your cup. Things either give you energy, take away energy, or do a bit of both. Self Care is energy giving items. Yes I know exercise doesn’t seem energy giving at the time but it really is in the long run. The key is making Self Care a routine you do daily.

If you would like to hear more about Self Care you can check out my blog post 5 Pillars of Health.  Don’t forget to sign up below for my Self Care checklist. This super easy tool can help you track and stay on track with your daily Self Care practice.

I  would love to hear where you struggle with Self Care. Click comment and tell me about your struggles. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!



5 Ways to Maximize Personal Development


Maybe your familiar with Personal Development. Maybe you are wondering what the heck is Personal Development ? Let’s start there. I like to think about Personal Development as the exercise for our minds. When we think of strength we often think physical strength but overlook mental strength.

Why is it important? We are all have room to learn and grow. Water becomes stagnant if it’s not flowing, we can also become stagnant. If we aren’t continuing to learn, grow, and change our minds can become stagnant too.

Personal Development doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. It’s about learning to either improve an area of your life or learn something new. No one person knows everything there is to know nor is anyone perfect so we all can use a little personal development. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Here are 5 way for you to maximize your personal development:

  1. Choose an area of focus. You don’t have to focus on only this topic forever but having an area of focus can help you choose your Personal Development.
  2. Choose how your going to consume your Personal Development. There are options for everyone: videos, podcasts, blog posts. books, audio books, conferences, workshops, coaching, etc…
  3. Plan when to get it in. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Decide WHEN you will get your Personal Development in and for how long.
  4. Be Consistent. Get a little bit in every day. Like any muscle your mind need consistent exercise to grow in strength. Plus it helps you to have a better day 😉
  5. Keep it interesting. Instead of sticking to one area or one source try mixing it up. Learn about something out of your comfort zone or from a new source.

Life is not one size fits all and neither is Personal Development. What works for your best friend, sister, mom, etc… will not always work for you. You make the decisions here, remember it’s about your personal mental strength.

If you want inspiration on books to read check out Megan Hall Motivation’s Book List. You can also check out our list of favorite podcasts below:

I would love to hear how you are getting in personal development. Click comment and let me know how.



Why Busy Working Women Need To Plan


As busy women we have a lot on our plates. It’s so easy to get stressed and overwhelmed with life. I mean hello you want me to juggle kids, marriage, business, running a household, and still having a social life?!?!  My oh my!

One of the very first things I help my clients with is planning. They even get a beautiful planning guide to help them plan out their week. Often time we think planning just means creating a schedule but it is sooo much more. Everything from our mindset to our vacations can use a plan.

Here are five steps to help you start off creating a plan:

  1. Look Towards Your Future. Whether it’s two days or two years from now think about what you would like to achieve. Where would you like your life to look like?
  2. Brain Dump.  What will it take to get there? Do you need to get rid of your negative self talk? Do you need to create some boundaries in your life? Dump it all out on paper.
  3. Plan It Out. Take those pieces from your brain dump and put it into an actionable plan. What do you need to do to move yourself towards what you want to achieve?
  4. Find Your Tools. What kind of tools do you need to help you stay on track? This could look like a planner or calendar or even just a notebook. What will help YOU stay on track?
  5. Get Accountable. Find someone who will help you stay accountable. This could be a friend, a family member, a coach, a mentor, etc… someone who you can tell about your plan who will help you stay on track.

These steps can be used in most aspects of your life or business. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. You do not have to plan it down to the second. Think of your plan as a guideline for your life. Don’t beat yourself up too much when you get off track.

Any part of your life can use a little planning. It doesn’t have to be big events even little ones can use it. For example your attending a function that someone that is consistently rude to you is going to be in attendance as well. You can make a plan for how you are going to act/react if they are rude to you again. Make a plan that is authentic to you. Everyone is different.

Need some extra help reducing stress or overwhelm? Join my next Better Together Group Program.