You Might Be The Reason Why You’re Exhausted

When I was a stay at home mom I frequently found myself burnt out and exhausted. I blamed my exhaustion on everyone and everything. The problem wasn’t everything going on in my life, the problem was me.

Why was it me? I never took anytime for myself. I was plagued with guilt every time I even attempted to get in some me time. When my husband would encourage me to go visit my friends and family to get a break while he stayed home with our four kids I would call him every hour on the hour just to be sure everything was ok.

I didn’t realize that I NEEDED to take time for myself so I had the energy to give to other people in my life.  The blame I placed on everyone and everything else was damaging my relationships with those around me. My marriage became strained because I was cranky and exhausted. I constantly snapped on my kids because I was so stressed out.

I struggled with depression most of my life. My lack of self care catapulted me into one of the deepest depressions I had ever experienced. Which left me crying in my bathroom shower wanting to end my life. I thought my family would be much better off without me. I felt useless and empty inside.

What did I learn from being exhausted, depressed, and empty?

  1. We need to focus on total body health. That means the mental, the physical, and the emotional health.
  2. Self Care is not one size fits all. What works for our mom, sister or best friend may not work for us. We need to find what works best for us.
  3. We are meant to feel good. If we don’t feel good something is wrong and needs to change.
  4. Self Care is not selfish it’s necessary.
  5. We need to make time for ourselves on a consistent, daily basis in order to thrive.

There’s not many times I wish I could go back in time because I fear the butterfly effect. One thing I wish I could share with my younger self is to make more time for Self Care. When we feel like crap our relationships suffer, our business suffers, and we suffer too. I did way to much unnecessary suffering.

If you struggle to make time for yourself I invite you to join the Prioritize You Challenge. In 21 days I will help you go from exhausted to energized. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.




Find The Right Community For You

The power of a community can be life changing. Having a group of people who support you and lift you up is an experience like no other. Maybe you’ve found a community to belong to or maybe you’re wondering where these elusive communities are. The tips I share below will help you expand your community horizons and find your communities.

We don’t have to limit ourselves to one community. We don’t have to say “This is it folks I found my community, I’m done.” We can participate multiple different communities, they can fulfill different roles in our lives. It’s pretty impossible to find a community that fulfills all of the roles you need it to. We are all unique and have different interests that’s what makes the world so interesting and also why multiple communities can be really helpful.

There are so many types of communities. They can be in person like a club or team or like my Busy Women Meet Ups. They can be virtual like FB groups, membership sites, or The Inspired Women Community. They can be a bit of both, they meet up in person but have a virtual hang out as well. The skies really the limit when it comes to communities.

How can you find your communities?

  1. Make a list of your interests. This can be hobbies, religious beliefs, work, lifestyle, etc.. anything and everything that makes up who you are. A few of mine are: entrepreneurship, military spouse, parenting, and anything woo woo.
  2. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the communities. Is it new friends? Is it support? Is it resources? Is it a sense of belong or a new work out buddy? Define what you need.
  3. Start your search. Ask around for recommendations. Use a Google search. Use a Facebook search. Utilize websites like or yelp. Find the communities that fill your interests and needs.
  4. Test the waters. Go try these communities out. If the community isn’t free they usually allow you at least one free meeting so you can try it out. Give it a chance before writing it off. If it doesn’t feel right then find a new one.
  5. Commit. Be present in the communities. Engage with other people in them. Be a part of it until it’s no longer serving it’s purpose.

Recently I started The Inspired Women Community, a Facebook community that provides support and resources for women of all walks of life. Sometimes we just need that extra support in our lives. This community was inspired by my podcast The Inspired Women Podcast. I wanted a more intimate way to connect with the women in my audience. If this is the type of community you would like to be a part of just click the link and request to join.

It can be difficult and scary to put yourself out there with a new group of people. I say give it two chances if you’re still not feeling it then don’t go back. Joining different communities gives us the chance to make new friends and expand your horizons. You never know what amazing things can come from connecting with new people.

Time to go find your communities. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!