Life Is Not One Size Fits All

Not One Size Fits All, Megan Hall, Life Empowerment

One thing that has been driving me crazy lately is this one size fits all approach to life and business. I see it everywhere. Advertisements promising the “Seven Step Formula to a Million Dollar Business.” I call bullshit on all of it. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Why? Because we are all unique individuals with unique experiences and capabilities. Yes it’s true you are a special snowflake but not in the bad way.

The last couple of weeks I have really been soul searching on what sets me apart from other people in my industry. With some introspection I realized it’s because I meet my clients where they are. I don’t promise to share my secret formula instead I guide my clients to discovering their own secret formula to achieving their ideal life. Sounds pretty magical right? I think so too.

Why this approach when many in my industry are speaking about sharing their “secret formula to success”? Because their ideal life does not look like yours. Their experience, capabilities, and life in general don’t look yours either. So why should the approach be one size fits all? It shouldn’t. It’s all about finding what works best for you and pursuing it. My secret formula might not work for you but guarantee yours will.

All of that is exactly why I am changing the way I do things in my business. No more cookie cutter programs you can opt into. Instead I am focusing on programs that are more molded to your specific needs. My programs shouldn’t be one size fits if that’s not how I help others. I’m thinking of this as a build your own program sort of thing.

Exciting Ideas that a percolating
  1. A group program that can be opted into or out of monthly with no limit to how many women can participate. You never “lose” your spot and lower monthly investment. Sign up for our next round Here.
  2. A “build your own” one on one program. Where we decide how long we work together and what the focus will be.
  3. Bi Yearly group retreats. Get the in person experience for a lower investment.
  4. One on One weekend long intensive. In person with me for a whole weekend. Best thing is I come to you.
  5. Much, much, more too!

I would love to hear your ideas on how I can help you now or in the future. My goal is to meet women where they are and help each of them discover their own secret formula. I would love to keep you accountable, provide you the permission to do what you need, and unlock your inner magic. Let’s do this together.

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A Message of Inclusivity For All Women

Inclusion of women, Megan Hall, no descrimination

Have you ever attended an event and felt like you didn’t belong? Maybe your beliefs or how you look didn’t align with those around you? Me too! Many women I know identify as Christians.  Christianity is not something I identify with personally. There have been many times I feel like I don’t belong in those circles because my beliefs aren’t in alignment with theirs.

We all should have the right to be ourselves and have our own beliefs without being judged or feeling less than for it. Unless of course your beliefs involving harming others in any way, that’s where I draw the line. I don’t agree that anyone should feel like they don’t belong because of their beliefs, sexuality, or appearance. Just imagine if you or I were born in a different country,  different family, or  different time period our beliefs would be completely different then they are today. We would be completely different individuals. That’s why inclusivity is so important.

My message is about love, kindness, empathy, compassion, and  inclusivity because in such a diverse world there is no place discrimination. We don’t know what it’s like to be someone else because we aren’t them. Life is not one size fits all. There isn’t always a right or wrong answer to everything. This world isn’t just  black and white, it’s a whole spectrum of colors.  The time has come for us to come together as a human race and love each other as we are.

I read a comment on Facebook where someone stated that all Muslims or those of Islamic descent are terrorists.  I cannot understand how there are people who are so closed minded that they will condemn an entire group of people for the actions of a small faction. What if we were them? What if we were born in that area of the world? Do we honestly believe that we wouldn’t hold their beliefs as well?  There’s a very good chance that we would hold the same beliefs therefore experience the same discrimination as well.

In my work I meet my clients where they are and guide them through the steps to their ideal life. Why not give them all the same steps? Because we are all unique individuals. What works for one person may not work for another. My ideal life probably doesn’t look like yours. That’s OK. That’s what inclusivity is all about. Meeting people where they are. That doesn’t always mean we will understand them or agree with them. Honestly that’s not for us to judge.

Whether you are black, white, brown, bi sexual, homosexual, heterosexual, Christian, Muslim, atheist, or something that I have not mentioned I love you. Always be you! Don’t let anyone tell you that who you are and what you believe is not OK. All I ask is you please be accepting of others as well. Be kind to them. Strive to be empathetic and compassionate with everyone. Never ever let who you are or what you believe be the vehicle that makes you feel “better” than anyone else. We are all in this together.

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Creating Confidence

Creating Confidence, Megan Hall, Speaking

Confidence is not something we are just  born with, we can learn and develop it over time. Through our every day interactions we are creating or diminishing our confidence in ourselves . We may have been hindered in our ability to be confident today because of our environment growing up but that does not mean we are a lost cause. We all still capable of creating confidence and it won’t take as long as you think.

Growing up I was confident in some areas and less confident in others. I would say my total confidence level was a five or six out of ten. Nothing super low but nothing outstanding either. No one would have described me as confident back then.

I hit my lowest confidence level ever seven years ago right before leaving an abusive relationship. I was probably at a one maybe a two and if you gave me a few drinks possibly a four. It was only liquid confidence because once I was sober I was back to a one or two. To be honest I barely even had the confidence to leave that relationship.

I was so not confident that when I finally left that relationship and was looking for employment I only applied to fast food places and groceries stores. Even though I  was an intelligent person having  attended a wonderful university and was a very qualified person my lack of confidence hindered me from applying other places. I was over qualified for the job I received at Burger King and within months was being considered for  a management position.

Today I have been called confident on multiple occasions and feel confident 95% of the time. I learned quite a few lessons on creating confidence while going from not very confident burger flipper to confident entrepreneur in the last seven years.

Here are a few lessons I personally learned about creating confidence:

1. People can effect our confidence level if  we allow them the opportunity

2. Once we’ve created confidence that doesn’t mean we will remain confident. Without consistently working on our confidence levels we could easily lose our confidence in ourselves. 

3.  Mistakes can effect our confidence level if we don’t process them them correctly.

4.  Confidence isn’t something we have or we don’t have we can create confidence within ourselves at any time . 

5.  No one can else can make us confident. We must create our confidence ourselves. 

You might be thinking “I want to be more confident but I don’t know how.” I’ve been there too. I use to think if I just spend enough time with confident people it will rub off on me. It certainly didn’t hurt but that’s not what helped me become more confident.

I want to teach you how to create confidence with ease. That’s why I am hosting a ” Creating Confidence” Live Masterclass. In this two hour Masterclass I will teach you ten ways to create more confidence in yourself and uplevel your life. Find out more and grab your spot today by visiting

I can’t wait to help you create more confidence and work towards that life of your dreams. Remember  You Are Enough. 



My Inner Critic Is A Mean B*tch

Marriage. Megan Hall Motivation, Inner Critic

My inner critic convinced me I was headed for divorce court this week. Let’s rewind to Sunday morning last week. I woke up on my couch, with a headache, reeking of acai berry absolute vodka, and knowing that the night before didn’t end well. I had blacked out.

If you aren’t familiar with black out drunk that means you drank too much that you brain literally blacks out everything that happened past a certain point. It just cannot process it into memories due to the alcohol. This is not the first time this has happened to me and it never ends very well.

For many years while I battled my inner demons this was a regular occurrence. Over the last three-ish years I’ve worked so hard at overcoming my inner demons and had been doing quite well up until that point. I knew  what my triggers were and knew when I should or should not drink. Saturday night I didn’t listen to any of that.

One of my triggers is feeling uncomfortable. If I am uncomfortable I should not drink. I was attending a party where I wouldn’t know most of the attendees. The people I did know I felt liked my husband better than me. Hello ego. Overall it wasn’t my jam but I knew it was my husbands so I attended.

First mistake… drinking liquor. It never ends well. Second mistake… not listening to my intuition about drinking. That never ends well either.  Third mistake… not leaving when my husband did. Fourth mistake… continuing to drinking. Fifth mistake…. well that I don’t remember but was just told about it later.

Black out drunk Megan is an evil b*tch. I don’t say that because my inner critic is mean I say that because it’s the truth. She’s mean to everyone. No one is safe. She taps into your inner fears and critical thinking and says it to your face. This is not one of those drunk people tell the truth moments. Black out drunk Megan talks right out her ass. Think of her as my evil twin. Unfortunately my husband took the brunt of her verbal abuse Saturday night.

When he told me on Sunday what I did/said I was shattered. Not only shattered by what that person inside me did to someone I love but by the anger that laced his words. I thought we were over. So many times in our marriage I hurt him. In the beginning of our marriage I didn’t even have to black out to be mean. I had so much hurt inside that when I drank I let down my walls and it all came pouring out.

Over the years I had done so much work on myself that we haven’t seen that mean person at all. I have embraced my genuinely positive, kind side. That’s truly what I align with. It makes me feel good to be good and do good. I thought I had overcome my inner demons and I had evolved into an amazing person.

I was shattered on Sunday and was every day after. My inner critic is a mean b*tch and she berated me every single day.

she Would Say:

“You f*ck everything up.”

“Why are you such a piece of sh*t?”

“No one wonder no one likes you.”

“Who would want to work with someone who can’t even take care of herself.”

“You are going to destroy everything.”


The words kept swirling around in my mind as I sank deeper and deeper into the dark hole of depression.

By Thursday I felt like a floatie someone had let loose in the ocean. There I was bobbing alone in this vast nothingness with no land in sight. I was a pink floatie btw. My husband and I hadn’t talked. I didn’t know what was going on. My week consisted of watching The Office and doing absolutely nothing. I was going through the motions. Hell I am proud I picked my kids up from school every day because I didn’t want to do anything.

My mental and emotional anguish manifested into physical symptoms late Wednesday night. Not only was I empty inside but now I had a fever and  a sore throat. I cleared my schedule again on Thursday which included seeing some of my very close friends. In order to move forward I needed to talk to my husband. I felt like complete sh*t.

So there I laid in bed last night. I asked him to put his phone down so I could talk to him. Then I asked the question that had been bouncing through my mind for five days. “Are we getting a divorce?” My inner critic had been telling me for five days that we were. I was convinced that my marriage was over. My greatest fear was going to come true. I would be left alone, have to go back on welfare, and work a job that sucks the soul out of me just to make ends meet.

It had been a very lonely, terrifying, depressing five days. He very seriously said “No” and of course I said “Are you sure?” to which he responded “Yes I am sure.”. Then for the next hour I cried while I trying desperately to explain how I was feeling and what was going on in me. He also explained what he was feeling and revisited what was coming up for him Saturday night. My inner critic started berating me again about what a horrible person I was so I cried some more.

This morning I woke up and the depression had lifted. There was no more emptiness and  I felt human again. I don’t know what the future holds. What I do know is this:

  • This experience does not define me as a person
  • I am not that evil b*tch
  • This does not effect me being a good coach to other women
  • I still have a lot of work to do on myself
  • This is not the end but a new beginning and a new lesson
  • I will only grow stronger, braver, and better
  • This shows that honest communication is crucial even though it may hurt
  • I will  never give up on becoming a better me

If you have made mistakes in your past forgive yourself. You cannot go back and change them. What you can do it focus on building a better future. Take ownership of your life and take the first step toward that future.

If you need support on your journey join us in The Inspired Women Community. Those ladies really helped me make it through the last week. We will help you too.