If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say

if you don't have anything nice to say, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Podcast

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. When did we stop living by this one seemingly simple rule? As children we were taught this but as adults we quickly forget. Why can’t we just be quiet if we aren’t going to be nice?

If the 2016 United States presidential election didn’t already show me that this rule seems forgotten by adults the news this week definitely did. This week US President Donald Trump tweeted that transgendered individuals would be banned from the US military. Then internet went berserk. Everyone had an opinion.

I saw some very valid arguments from both sides but what I saw more of was hateful remarks. Whether anyone agreed or disagreed with the president that did not give them the right to tear others apart. When did our difference in opinion become a platform for hate? It seems lately many people believe we all have to agree to get along.

areas where someone’s beliefs and opinions can steer them wrong:

  • When they try to push their beliefs and opinions on others instead of respecting that they have a different ones
  • When someone disagrees with their beliefs or opinions and they are mean and spiteful towards them because of that
  • When their beliefs or opinions involve physically, mentally or emotionally harming other humans
  • When they condemn whole populations of people because of the actions of one person or small faction of people in that population
  • When their beliefs and opinions are not their own but the ones of others around them

What makes this such a wonderful world is the diversity that exists in it. Wouldn’t it be absolutely boring if we all were the same? A sheep mentality doesn’t serve us in any way instead it often steers us wrong. We need a diversity to allow for learning and growth.

It’s time we check ourselves when it comes to our beliefs and opinions. Do they really represent us? If so what does it hurt if someone else has a difference in opinion? It doesn’t, we don’t have to be hateful and hurtful when people disagree with us. No one person knows exactly what is right and what is wrong.

Our beliefs, opinions, and perceptions shape each of us as individual. It’s important we have them. Without them we are like sheep following the Shepard. It’s equally important to respect the difference in beliefs and opinions we have with others. Stand up for what you believe in but don’t let it be a platform to tear others down.  Words hurt just as much a physical wounds but they stay with us a lot longer.



Women Need Healthy Friendships

Healthy Friendships, Megan Hall

We chat a lot about friendships in The Inspired Women Community . Cultivating friendships  is something most women struggle with. An even bigger struggle it seems is not just cultivating friendships but cultivating healthy friendships. Why is it such a struggle?

Friendship expert Shasta Nelson was a recent guest on The Inspired Women Podcast. She shared with us that we are not alone, majority of women have these very same struggles. However it’s something we all need to focus more on because friendships are necessary  in order for us to be happy, healthy, and thriving. Time for us to cultivate some healthy friendships.

The struggle with all relationships not just friendships is it involves two imperfect people trying to make a go of things. We won’t always agree with the other person. Things won’t be amazing all the time. Sometimes it will be a bit messy. The question is “Is it worth it?”

I’ve learned the hard way that friendships are so important in our ability to thrive. Not just having one “best friend” but a variety of friendships. Unfortunately one person cannot be all of the things for us. That’s just way to much pressure on them. It’s often when we put such high expectations on other people that things tend to fall apart.

The question still remains “How can we cultivate healthy friendships with other women?”

five tips for cultivating healthy friendships

1) Have open and honest conversations. Instead of bottling things up like hurt feelings or misunderstanding have an open conversation with them.

2) Don’t listen to or participate in negativity and drama. If someone is talking about/acting like that to someone else chances are they will to you too eventually.

3) Give just as much if not more than you take. Relationships are a two ways street, one person cannot always be the giver.

4) Allow time for the friendship to grow. We don’t meet someone and automatically they are our best friend. It takes time.

5) Be yourself. It’s impossible to cultivate healthy relationships when you are pretending to be someone you’re not

We all need healthy friendships in order to thrive. They take time, consistency and some vulnerability to cultivate. You might get hurt but trust me when I say it’s worth it to find some quality friends. Go out and meet some new women. Find ones that have similar interests as you. Make it fun and exciting not scary.

In order to make friends we have to get out of our bubble and find them. Not everyone will be your friend and not every friend will be your best friend. Your vibes attract your tribe and the right friends will be attracted to you if your open to it.

Need more help in the friendship arena? Check out Shasta Nelson’s books: Friendships Just Don’t Happen and Frientimacy. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!



Where Did All The Etiquette Go

.Etiquette, Megan Hall, Life Guide

I started out in business as a Beachbody coach in 2014. Beachbody coaches help their clients find Beachbody work out programs  ans supplements that can help them achieve their goals. They are also suppose to provide support for their clients via accountability groups. As a Beachbody coach I got my first taste of business etiquette or I should say lack there of.

Like most network marketers I was taught to add people to my network every day to grow my “market”. Then I was instructed to message people every day to F.O.R.M them which means ask them questions about their life.  I was encouraged to post on social media regularly about my fitness journey as well as invite people to join me on it via events. It was a whole lot of look at me, look at me, and not a lot of discovering how can I help you.

The things I was being taught wasn’t wrong but the focus was put more on sales then on relationship building. We were taught to think “Next please” when someone said not to us. It took me starting a new business to realize how freaking annoying I was and how little I was actually helping anyone. I wasn’t providing value instead I was just blowing up the Facebook news feed with fitness.

It’s not only network marketers that are guilty of lacking business etiquette it’s prevalent across all industries. Instead of drawing people towards us we are pushing them away. The worst thing is those people are often not just potential clients but family and friends too. Many times I think it’s a lack of awareness that holds us back not lack of interest. This blog post is meant to help fix that.

Ten things that are not proper business etiquette

1) Adding people to your Facebook group or newsletter list without their permission first

2) Messaging people to sell your products or service instead of focusing on building relationships

3) Only contacting people when you want something from them instead of focusing on how you can be of value to them

4) Assuming everyone wants or needs your product or service

5) Posting mostly about your business not life on social media

6) Copying what another business owner is doing 

7) Inviting someone you just “met” to like your page, join your group, or event 

8) Not giving proper credit to someone and/or trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own

9) Only being a part of a community to promote and not interacting in it in other ways

10) Adding people on social media just to have another person to sell to

We don’t have to make business etiquette complicated. Ask yourself “How would I feel if someone did this to me?” Majority of the time that will help you from making a mistake that could cost you future business. Remember in business it’s about relationships first. Try coming a place of serving instead of selling.

Even if your upline, mentor, or an expert in your field does something doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.  By avoiding these simple etiquette mistakes you will save yourself a ton of time and heart ache. The best thing you can be in your business is yourself while still focusing on providing value to those you come in contact with.

Have you seen some business etiquette mistakes? Comment on this post and let me know. You can also join us in The Inspired Women Community to join in on conversations like this one. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!






Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself

Shoulding, Megan Hall, Life Guide

I spent years and years thinking “I should be happy/successful”  “I should be this or I should be that.” but I wasn’t.  What I really needed to do was stop shoulding on myself. Many times our shoulds are developed because that’s what society says we should be feeling or we should be doing. We are torn in a thousand different directions because everyone is saying something different.

Four years ago I was at my “ideal weight”, I had a beautiful home, I was married to a man who took good care of me, and I had four beautiful children. All I could think is “I should be happy” but I wasn’t. The outside world was telling me I should be happy, hell they still say I should be happy. I didn’t feel happy, I felt empty inside. Even though only a few years earlier I had NOTHING. Literally no job, no car, no license, no house, and two kids to care for I didn’t feel happy with my life.

Why wasn’t I happy? What was the missing link? The missing link was me. I was so busy listening to what everyone else said I should think, do, or say that I left me out of the equation. I was shoulding all over my life and feeling more disconnected with each passing day. It took me years to realize that I would never have the life I wanted if I didn’t put me back into my daily life.

The only way that we can be successful, happy, and healthy is by tuning into our inner wisdom. There is not a soul on earth that knows you and your life better than you. When we tap into our inner wisdom and allow that to guide us in our lives and business we will see things shift. Are there people who know more about certain topics than you? Of course! Take their wisdom and if it applies to you utilize it. However NO ONE is an expert on your life but you.

how to tune into your inner wisdom

  1. Take care of yourself. When you feel good you are able to tune into yourself better.
  2. Take all advice with a grain of salt. Like I tell new moms, “Figure out what works best for you and throw the rest away.”
  3. If something feels “off” or “just not right” it’s probably not. Trust your gut.
  4. Be who you are every, single day. When you are authentic in your daily life it’s easier to tune into your inner wisdom.
  5. Build your tribe of people who will allow you to bounce information off of them and only help when asked to.  No “fixers” allowed. lol

It’s time for us to filter all the white noise out there and add ourselves back into the equation. You have a far deeper knowledge of what will make you successful, happy and healthy than you even realize. It’s all about tapping into your inner wisdom so you can see everything you want come to fruition.

If you need support, guidance, and accountability while you discover your own inner wisdom then join us in our next Better Together Mini Group. Remember as always YOU ARE ENOUGH!