Follow The Bread Crumbs

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Coaches need coaches too! I’ve been working on and off again with Intuitive Business Coach Amber Annette for several months now and am currently in her Create Your Calling group. One of the things she said that really resonated with me is to follow the bread crumbs.

As a society we want answers now and become impatient when we don’t get them. I am guilty of this too. I actually joined the Create Your Calling group in the hopes that Amber could tell me exactly what I need to do. Unfortunately life doesn’t quite work like that. Any success in life or business requires time.

What does follow the bread crumbs mean? The universe, god, the divine,  whatever you want to call it will leave you hints. These are ideas, signs, or messages that come seemingly out of nowhere. It’s like you are being given pieces of the gigantic puzzle that is life. You know how you want it to look but you don’t know how the pieces go together to create it.

The problem is we often over look these bread crumbs because we are so damn busy focusing on the big picture. Instead of patiently following the bread crumbs we are trying figure out how to jump to the end. This can often be overwhelming because we have no idea how to make that leap..

That’s where I come in. Think of me as the bread crumb magnifying glass. I help driven women discover their pathways to success and break them down into simple steps. Instead of being overwhelmed with how to get from point A to point B we focus on the bread crumbs or steps on how to get there.

How can you start to Follow the bread crumbs?
  1. Write down your ideas. They might not all be then next step but they could lead you to it. 
  2. Instead of focusing on the end look for the next step. Yes goals are important but don’t let the end result overwhelm you. 
  3. Trust your gut. You know better than anyone what’s best for you. If something feels “off” or you feel like it’s not right then don’t do it. 
  4.  Dive deeper into things that peak your interest. Whether it’s Self Care, Spirituality, Business or something entirely different. Your interest is good thing to follow. 
  5. Invest in someone to help. It’s often hard to see the next step or identify the bread crumbs over all the noise of the world. 

Things take time we all learn a little patience. Success and information won’t always appear overnight. It takes continuing to take the next step forward to finally see the results. Reflect on all the things you have accomplished in your life.  Was it ever an overnight journey? I’m going to say probably not.

You may not know where your next steps will lead you. Trust that even though those bread crumbs may seem like they are leading you away from your goals that they could be leading you some new amazing place. There could be a lesson you still need to learn or information you still need to get. The bread crumbs can lead you to places you never thought possible.

Trust in the process. If you need help schedule a free call with me and let’s chat on how I can support you in finding those bread crumbs. You can schedule your free 30 minute call HERE.


Megan Hall

My Heart Hurts

My Heart Hurts, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Podcast

Last summer my oldest daughter came to me and said “Mom I want to go live with my dad.” My head almost exploded. My ego screamed NO!!! I’ve raised her for 14 years. She cannot live with someone else. She’s MY daughter.  How could she not want to be with me? My heart hurts.

It took quite a few conversations with some of the people closest to me before I calmed down. I tried to put myself in my daughters shoes. At one point in time I too was a teenager choosing between which parent I want to live with. I can understand the struggle.

Once we knew her decision was a serious one we prepared. All the i’s were dotted and all the t’s crossed. We changed the custody agreement and prepared for my daughter to move. All the way up until this week I hoped she would change her mind. She didn’t.

I was a mess. Last weekend I found myself crying big sobbing tears in my kitchen. Then Monday I spent the day pretending that everything was going to be alright by coloring and watching Sex And The City. I was in complete denial that she was about to move over 600 miles away.

Then Tuesday my daughter’s father arrived to pick up her and her things. The pressure on my chest was immense. All the way up until this day she could have changed her mind. She could have said “Mommy I want to stay with you.” but she didn’t. I didn’t know whether to cry or scream.

Wednesday bright and early they left. I hugged her tight knowing the next time she would be in my house would be on her Spring Break. Her father reassured me he would take good care of her. None of that made it hurt any less. That was not my fear. I was mourning the moments I would miss with my daughter.

She was my first baby. I remember being a scared 16 year old and asking the nurses to please leave her in my room with me overnight after she was born.  For 14 years she was never away more than a month or two. I raised her for many years by myself sacrificing so much to be a mom. My heart hurts.

I posted on Facebook expressing my sadness. Then I got it… the message I had feared would come. The one that was asking what I did to make my daughter not want to live with me. In my head I screamed  “NOTHING… there was nothing I did wrong. I was a good mom. I did the very best I could.” Instead I just politely said she just wanted to live with her dad.

She has always missed our home since we moved over six years ago. This military lifestyle wasn’t something she asked for. All our friends and family live up in New York. Everyone she has known since birth. This is also  her opportunity to have a different kind of relationship with her dad.

Could I blame her? No! We are both country girls at heart. At 13 when my parents split up I chose to live with my dad too. It doesn’t make it hurt any less. My heart hurts.

Everyone was saying my heart would be broken, I don’t know how you could do that. My heart is broken . I can’t explain the pain I am feeling. There’s an emptiness that resides in my heart. I felt abandoned and like some how I failed as a mom.

I am so thankful got those few people who have allowed me to express my feelings without trying to rationalize them. Those people who understood I didn’t do anything to make her want to leave.. I did the best I could and instead of alienating her I supported her.

Right now it’s too fresh to fully process my lessons. All parents know that sometimes we have to make hard decisions. Sometimes parenting hurts. You’re doing just fine.



I should be _________ but I’m not

I should be but I'm not, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Community

This week I stared at my schedule and every single day did the bare minimum. After a hellish week that continued onto this week I knew I was desperate need of a mental health day or week. I kept thinking “I should be _______ but I’m not.” You know what?  That’s ok!

Sometimes mental health days are necessary. It may not  be because of what you do for a living but because of life in general. I L-O-V-E what I do but life happens. My release this week has been coloring. Recently I was introduced to the joys of adult coloring and it literally has been so therapeutic for me.

I did get done the few things I “had” to do this week because as a one woman show I certainly should not just go AWOL  for a week.  However just like I teach my clients I tuned into myself and realized I desperately needed a break. So a week of coloring and reading it has been.

How did I get over the “I should be ____ but I’m not”?

  1. I made sure I did at least one thing towards my business each day . Like writing this blog post 😉 Then I didn’t  feel like I was completely slacking.
  2. I reminded myself of all the times I pushed myself to get things done despite of my desperate need to recharge. Guess what?  It never ends well.
  3. I dug into why I was needing a mental health day. Too many emotions and I needed to feel them before they tore me apart.
  4. I gave myself to reschedule the things that would bring me more stress and only do the things I enjoyed doing. Three podcast episodes DONE!
  5. I asked myself what the consequences would be if I didn’t give myself a break and what would they be if I did. Guess which won?

Mental health days are something everyone needs now and then. We all face adversity and stress. Maybe your lifestyle doesn’t allow for a week worth of them maybe it’s just a day or two. Take how much you can and try to get yourself to a place of replenishment.

Self Care is so crucial when it comes to our mental health. As someone who has a lifelong battle with depression I know when I don’t make that time to care for me bad things happen. It’s ok to let go of the “I should be _____ but I’m not” and just take care of yourself for a change. It will all still be there when you get back .

If you need support on your life’s journey join us in The Inspired Women Community. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!