New Year Goal Setting

New Years Goal Setting, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker,

To be honest I really don’t like the word resolution. Resolutions to me become unfulfilled desires. Why do they become unfulfilled desires? We set something that’s unrealistic, we try to change everything all at once, or we set way too many of them. Instead of resolutions I want to focus on New Year goal setting.

Resolutions carry this stigma of not being accomplished. Goals however are much more tangible. We still have some of the same struggles we have with resolutions. That’s why our goal setting needs to be very intentional and throughout the year.

A few tips for new year goal setting

1) Only set 1-5 over arching goals for the year. Anything more becomes overwhelming and unfocused. 

2) Make them SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.

3) Break those SMART goals down into manageable pieces. What do you need to do quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily to achieve these goals?

4) Put them where you can see them every day. Whether on a white board, vision board, computer screen or even review them in the morning to keep them top of mind.

5) Check in with yourself through out the year. It’s ok to change, pivot, or just decide that original goal is not for you. 

Our goals aren’t set in stone. Things can happen during the year that make us decide to go in a different direction. This is why checking in with yourself regularly is so important. Make sure to focus on setting quarterly or monthly goals as well. This can be the times you check in and see if you are still on the same path.

Don’t let this process overwhelm you. That’s why  setting up a maximum of five goals is crucial. The more goals you have the less focus you have on each one and the more overwhelming they become.  You cannot change all the things all at once so don’t forget to break them into manageable pieces. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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Tuning Into You

Tuning into you, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

One of the biggest things that holds us back is ignoring what we really need. Whether that’s because we don’t realize it, we are too busy, or we just don’t care it’s seriously hurting us. You can be going 100 miles per hour but come to a crashing halt because you aren’t tuning into you.

Over the years you may have become disconnected with yourself. Maybe people have been telling you who you need to be, how you need to act, and what you need to feel. The problem is  you may have listened and molded yourself to their expectations.  Along the way you just lost that deep connection you need in order to thrive.

How can you start tuning into you

1) Start your day off with some you time. Give yourself at least 15 minutes of you time before checking your phone or computer or in any way reacting to the world. 

2) Recognize and feel your feelings. We get in the habit of avoiding our feelings or stuffing them away. Don’t do that!

3) Identify why you are feeling that way. What was the cause for these feelings you are feeling?

4) Take care of yourself. It’s hard to start tuning into you when you aren’t feeling your best. 

5) Tune out the unhelpful voices of other people. Listening to other people’s expectations of you quiets your own inner voice. 

Getting into the habit of tuning into yourself can take time especially if you haven’t done it in a awhile. So many of our negative feelings can be resolved by feeling them, identifying where they came from, and processing through them. The problem is we are so scared to even feel them that we never get to the processing part.

You know yourself better than anyone else. Don’t let other peoples opinions quiet your own intuition. Your intuition can guide you on the right path only if you give it the opportunity. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall




How Can We Stop Social Media From Killing Our Vibes?

Megan Hall, Life Coach, how can we stop social media from killing our vibes

Last weekend I took a day off of social media to reset. Not checking my social media feeds every hour definitely helped. I had noticed that I was beginning to get so worn out every time I check Facebook. It seemed every time I hopped on, no matter how many people I unfollowed or unfriended, I would be drained. Social media was killing my vibe. How can we stop social media from killing our vibes?

Just this morning when I checked out Facebook’s on this day feature I saw that a year ago I was posting about the same thing. I began to wonder why I didn’t learned from last year and start making social media siestas a regular event. The answer was obvious… FOMO (fear of missing out). I’m always worried I’ll miss out on something big if I don’t check social media regularly.

Social media can be addicting. Every like or comment is a dopamine hit to our brains. Because of this we literally become addicted to social media. We end up experiencing the highs and lows of addiction. The highs when we see all the likes and comments and lows when we see none. It can have an effect on our mental health.

How can we stop social media from killing our vibes?

1) Give yourself times during the day that you don’t check social media. For example you will only check social media once an hour or you check it or from 3:30-7:30pm.

2) Take regular social media siestas. Weekly or monthly take a whole day or weekend off of social media. 

3) Unfriend and unfollow those people who you feel are sucking your soul on social media. 

4) Set a limit for your social media time. For example you will only check it for 15 minutes when you get on. 

5) Be mindful of what you put out there and what you allow in your space. Like attracts like. The more negativity and drama you allow in or put out the more that will come to you. 

Social media shouldn’t be something we hate yet feel we have to be on. It’s your place and you decide what’s in it. When you feel like it’s too much step back and take a break. You’ll find you have more energy that way. Let’s make social media breaks part of our regular routine.

Social media doesn’t control you. You control it. Take back your control over it today. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall


Didn’t Reach Your Goals?

Megan Hall, Life Coach, Your Goals

The end of this year is closing in fast. For me December is a month of reflection. Where did everything go right? Where did everything go wrong this year? What do I want to achieve moving forward? That means creating some goals for next year.

In your reflection you might be focusing on all the goals you didn’t hit. You might be focusing on where you really messed up and what your failures were. By only focusing on what you did wrong you won’t be able to see all the things you did right. You will slowly lose motivation. Stop beating yourself up for not reaching your goals.

What you can do if you didn’t reach your goals

1) Ask yourself if your goals were realistic for this period in your life. Many times we set huge goals that aren’t realistic for us during this part of our journey. 

2) Identify the lessons you can learn from your mistakes this year. Did those things cause you not to reach your goals? Or were there underlying issues?

3) Ask “How can I do better next year?” If your goals were unrealistic set some better ones. If you made mistakes don’t repeat them. 

4) Set 1-5 goals for next year. We often set too many goals and our focus is scattered instead of focusing our efforts in a few places.

5) Identify where there could be issues achieving your goals and come up with a plan to combat those issues. 

Goals give us something to work towards. They shouldn’t constantly stress us out but instead put pressure on us to move forward. Our goals can change over a year. Check in with yourself regularly and ask “Is this still something I want?”

Just because you don’t reach a goal doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Stop beating yourself up and focus on what you need to do better moving forward. Remember a mistake is only a failure if you don’t learn the lesson. Learn your lesson from this year and use it to make next year even better. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

Colder Weather Is Making You Feel Unmotivated… Now What?

Colder Weather Is Making You Unmotivated... Now What?, Megan Hall, Women's Empowerment CoachThis time of year people have the tendency to feel pretty unmotivated. Whether it’s in health and fitness or business or just doing their daily to dos . It can be difficult to feel motivated to do something not so fun with all the goodies, holiday activities and not to mention colder weather. This is not the time to stop our momentum.

Maybe your thinking… I just don’t feel motivated at all.  Many mammals  hibernate during the colder months. Humans are mammals too. Just because we don’t hibernate doesn’t mean we aren’t also inclined to slow down. For many of us our bodies have the natural tendency to slow down during the colder months. Some of us even experience SAD (seasonal depression disorder). My depression is definitely worse during the colder months. This can be very demotivating.

What can we do about Feeling unmotivated during this time of the year?

1) Rest. This may be counter intuitive but by giving our bodies what it wants, more rest, we will see an increase in our motivation. This doesn’t mean to hibernate but give yourself a little extra rest.

2) Have a list of 2-3 MUST DOs for the day. When you get those things done then if your still not feeling it give yourself permission to stop.  

3) Celebrate your wins. It can be very demotivating when you focus on all that you haven’t accomplished versus all that you have. Make sure you focus on your wins more. 

During this time of the year it’s easy to slack off on our self care. We want to give everyone else a wonderful holiday season and do ALL the things that we forget about ourselves. This won’t help our motivation in any way. It’s up to us to take care and keep our motivation up.

You don’t have to fight your natural urge to slow down. Work with it. Allow yourself a little more time for rest and self care. This is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and how you want to move forward in the upcoming year.  I’m not saying to give up but to slow down. Give yourself some time off. Enjoy your vacation days and recharge.

Remember as always YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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