How to Handle Big, Scary, Audacious Goals

Big, Scary, Audacious Goals, Megan Hall. Life Coach , Motivational Speaker

I always encourage my clients to set big, scary, audacious goals because those goals can provide a road map for us and fuel for our fire. There are a few drawbacks to these goals though. One of the biggest mistakes I see women make is trying to implement everything all at once. Another one I see women make is not breaking those goals into manageable steps. It can be quite overwhelming when you look at everything you have to do for these goals.

Big, scary, audacious goals are not concrete. They may change over time. Four years ago I wanted to be a PiYo instructor. I discovered along the way that I am not very coordinated and could not keep up with the beat. If I had held fast to that goal and kept trying I would have wasted time and energy that could be spent elsewhere trying to do something that didn’t fit me. Think about your goals as a way to check to see if you are on the right path and to guide you in deciding what steps you should be taking.

How to handle big, scary, audacious goals:

1) Only set a handful of these goals. The more goals you set the less focus you have. 

2) Break these goals down into manageable pieces. What do you have to do daily, weekly, monthly, etc… to reach these goals?

3) Implement one thing at a time. I share more about this in episode 112 of The Inspired Women Podcast

4) Check in with yourself regularly. Are you still on the right path to achieving your goals?

5) If a goal no longer resonates with you feel free to change it. 

If you start to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or burnout around a goal that’s a sign that things aren’t going right. Perhaps you have implemented too many things. Or perhaps you have too many goals. Maybe you have not broken your goals down into manageable pieces. Whatever it might be it’s time to reevaluate what is going on.

Allow yourself the opportunity to celebrate wins regularly by creating smaller goals. If your goal is to make $100,000 a year in your business don’t focus on that big number instead focus on how much you want to make this week and how to make that happen. Your weekly goals might seem like a drop in the bucket but over time those drops add up. Then before you know it your bucket will be filled.

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Megan Hall

How to Deal With Mean Girls

How to deal with mean girls, Megan Hall, Life coach, motivational speaker

This week’s Fri-YAY episode of The Inspired Women Podcast I chat about mean girls. When I was younger I thought when I became an adult I wouldn’t have to deal with mean girls anymore. I was wrong because mean girls become mean women. Mean women have access to many more ways of being mean.

When we were kids mean girls might push us, call us names, say mean things, or exclude us. Mean women do all of those things and even more. Mean women have can black mail or black ball you. They can do things that can permanently effect your position in a certain group or company. Mean women can be ruthless.

How to deal with mean girls aka mean women

1) Start with it’s not you it’s them. You are enough just as you are. 

2) Stop trying to “fit in” with them. This is just adding fuel to the fire they can smell in-authenticity. 

3) Distance yourself from them. The more you allow yourself to be around them the more it will hurt. 

4) Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. When they come at you don’t attack them instead stand your ground. 

5) Surround yourself with women who support you and make you feel good about yourself. 

We just want to be accepted right? Especially if we spent most of our lives trying to fit in but never really feeling like we belong. Often times mean girls are part of a clique and we want to belong to something like that. If someone is being mean to you, making your feel like you don’t belong, or tearing other women down you have to ask yourself if you really want to be a part of that. Don’t stoop to their level.

So many times in my life I tried desperately to fit in. Every time I walked away feeling rejected and empty inside usually after being the victim of some mean girls. As women mean girls have developed a subtler ways of being mean. It’s not always blatant. It wasn’t until I really took the time to discover who I was, what I stood for, and how I wanted to feel that I realized these kinds of people just weren’t worth my time. Instead I took time to find those women who were worth it. They often have been the victims of mean girls too.

If you want help discovering who you are check out this article I once was lost & Finding the right community for you. Remember YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTHY, & YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

Personal Development: Where to Start

personal development, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

What is personal development? It is developing you as a person. It’s all about learning, growth, and improvement. No one knows everything , has done everything and is everything. We as humans are imperfect but that only means we have room to improve. That’s where personal development comes in.

When you start delving into the realms of personal development it can get overwhelming. There is so much information out there and so many places to find it. Some is free and some costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s difficult to ascertain what’s worth it and what’s not.

Deciding where to start with personal development

1) Identify an area you want to improve and/or learn more about

2) Decide what you want to get from learning about this area

3) Find free or low cost ways to “dip your toe in” like podcasts or books

4) If you are still interested in this area then ask for recommendations on courses, coaches, conferences, etc… that you can learn more from

5) Implement what you’ve learned and discover another area of interest

If we aren’t growing we are dying. Studies have proven when people no longer have something to work towards they die sooner. That’s why we should always have something we are working towards. It doesn’t have to big or complicated. The more we know the better we do.

Set aside time every day to work on your personal development. This could be listening to podcasts while driving or reading a book before bed. It doesn’t have to be time consuming but as a little as 15 minutes a day can add up over time. If you want more guidance check out these resources: Podcast Episode & Blog post.  Remember YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTH & YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

If you’ve been in the personal development world for any length of time at all you might have heard about finding your why. Every one has a why or the reason behind everything they do. The stronger your why the stronger the motivation for achieving your goals will be. Your why is really the fuel for your fire.

Sometimes we feel stumped when trying to discover our why. Our why might even come out without any oomph. We wonder where that passion everyone is talking is. We might scream to ourselves “I don’t know why?!?!” out of pure frustration. The problem is when we don’t have a solid why it can be really easy to give up on our goals and dreams.

finding your why:

1) Play the why game. Ask yourself why and when you answer ask yourself why for that answer. Keep doing this until you cannot answer the question anymore. 

2) Find a quiet place to journal. Just keep writing about this goal/dream until you have uncovered that deep why. 

3) Talk it out with someone. This might be your coach or your business bestie or someone else but someone who can ask you the right questions. 

4) Ask yourself if this is really something you want to do. If you are struggling to find a why then it may be because this isn’t what you really want. 

5) Revisit it. If you truly want this thing but are struggling to find that “why that makes you cry” then write down what answer you do have and revisit it later. 

There can be a lot of pressure to discover your why. Give yourself grace. Your why is a tool to help you stay motivated and connect with others. It is not a life or death sort of thing. It’s absolutely ok to say this is not my goal/dream or to say I just don’t know my why right now. Don’t let it be the thing that prevents you from moving forward.

Your why might also mold and change with time. Sometimes moms with young kids are motivated by being the best mom for their kids. When their kids grow up their why is likely to change. Change is not scary and is perfectly acceptable. Allow you why to grow with you and continue to reveal new layers of it to yourself and others.



Megan Hall