3 Things We Need To Do Before Adversity Strikes

Adversity, Megan Hall

March 28th I received a call no mom wants to receive, it was my oldest daughters father telling me our daughter was in the hospital 600 miles from me. The next two and a half weeks were a whirlwind, every day it seemed something changed. I drove over 3,000 miles in that time finding myself in the end physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted.

There have been days since that call that I have thought “I don’t think I can take much more”  but then I do. It’s amazing how resilient a person can be when they have to be. There are so many things I attribute to my resilience but there are three main things that helped me hold it together.

3 Things We Need To Do Before Adversity Strikes

1) Create a solid support network. Several people we can turn to when shit hits the fan.

2) Develop and utilize a self are routine. That means taking care of yourself BEFORE adversity strikes as well as after. 

3) Work on personal development. That means continuing to learn an grown on a DAILY basis. Seek out a therapist and/or coach to help you. 

Without all the personal development, including many hours with my therapist, and a solid self care routine I would have been a wreck during those weeks of chaos. Even though my PD & self care became very inconsistent during those three weeks because of the constant changes that occurred. Because I had already built those habits they didn’t take as much effort to implement when I could.

We can’t do this on our own try as we might. We each are only capable of so much. That’s why my #1 tip is that support network. Without the people who offered their time, houses, and listening ears I would not have made it through. Those were all people I spent time building relationships with BEFORE this all happen. It’s important to spend time cultivating those relationships so that you aren’t all alone when shitty things happen.

We all have negative experiences in our lives. These three things will help you significantly when they do. Remember you are brave, you are strong, and YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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