5 Things To Do Instead of Mom Shaming

Mom Shaming, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

It’s not only moms who are guilty of mom shaming it’s people without children too. I have to start with if you don’t have children you certainly should not be shaming moms. Like it or not as a mom this is one of my biggest pet peeves. As with most anything else it’s difficult to understand what it’s like to be a mom until you are one.

The worst mom shaming is when it comes from other moms. Momming is difficult every mom knows it. Every child, family situation, mom, etc… is different. What works for one mom might not work for another mom. There is no one perfect way to be a mom. Are there bad ways? Absolutely! But there is so much gray area where things aren’t necessarily right or necessarily wrong. None of us are perfect.

What We Can Do Instead of Mom Shaming

1) Work on ourselves. Unless we are the epitome of perfection don’t throw stones. 

2) Offer to help. If you see a mom that’s struggling instead of pointing fingers offer to help out. 

3) Be a listening ear. Sometimes we just want someone to listen to us bitch without judgement. 

4) Ask before giving advice. Maybe I do want a mom who has been there and done that to guide me or maybe I don’t. Ask first.

5) Keep in mind we don’t know everything and we don’t know their whole story. 

It’s tough to be a parent in today’s society of highlight reels and gurus. Let’s be honest with all the resources our there we learned the most from our parents. Unfortunately they too were flawed human beings. We tend to either mimic their parenting style or do the exact opposite of it. Being a mom is a learning journey. Sometimes we have things handled and sometimes we are a hot mess.

I’ve been a working mom, a stay at home mom, and a work from home mom… all have their difficulties. My children were both breast and bottle fed… some by choice and some not. The only age range I haven’t dealt  with my children yet  is adulthood. Guess what? After 15 years of being a mom I still don’t have this shit figured out. What I will tell you is none of it is a cake walk.

So whether you are a mom or not let’s stop the mom shame. No matter what your parenting choices remember YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE AMAZING & YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall


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