5 Ways to Cultivate Positive Relationships

As adults we really struggle with relationships, Much of this is due to our lack of forced interaction with others. Think about it when we were in school every day we were “forced” to interact with the other kids around us. Now the only place we have to interact with others is during work. Depending on the industry we work in that interaction might be very limited and never face to face.

Once we have formed some relationships  as adults they might not be very positive. I know I have struggled previously with cultivating positive relationships. Relationships are two imperfect people trying to have some type of interaction together. That could mean romantic, friendship, working… any type of relationship. It can be hard interacting with other imperfect humans.

Here are  five ways you can use to form more positive relationships in your life:

1) BE YOU! It might seem so simple but it’s often the most overlooked and underutilized way. When we pretend to be something we aren’t people sense that and it’s nearly impossible to create a positive connection that way.

2) Open And Honest Communication. It’s shocking how often people lie to each other yet expect for their relationships to be positive. Positive relationships cannot thrive on lies. Lies always get found out eventually then trust is broken.

3) Be Present.  Giving other people our time and attention is crucial to creating positive relationships. That means meeting face to face and putting down your phone. It’s impossible for people to feel truly connected virtually or while we are consumed with our electronics.

4) Practice Kindness and Compassion. Every single person on this earth is unique. Which means we will have differences with everyone. Sometimes we will disagree. We cannot truly have a positive relationship if we cannot be kind and compassionate.

5) Learn to say I’m Sorry. Despite all of the above we are still human. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we hurt the feelings of others. Just say “I’m Sorry.” that does not mean you are saying you’re wrong and they are right. It means you are saying I apologize that I made you feel that way.

Relationships take work and effort. They cannot grow and flourish without some help from us. Remember it’s a two way street. You can only control your thought, actions, and feelings not those of the other person.

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