5 Ways to Maximize Personal Development


Maybe your familiar with Personal Development. Maybe you are wondering what the heck is Personal Development ? Let’s start there. I like to think about Personal Development as the exercise for our minds. When we think of strength we often think physical strength but overlook mental strength.

Why is it important? We are all have room to learn and grow. Water becomes stagnant if it’s not flowing, we can also become stagnant. If we aren’t continuing to learn, grow, and change our minds can become stagnant too.

Personal Development doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. It’s about learning to either improve an area of your life or learn something new. No one person knows everything there is to know nor is anyone perfect so we all can use a little personal development. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Here are 5 way for you to maximize your personal development:

  1. Choose an area of focus. You don’t have to focus on only this topic forever but having an area of focus can help you choose your Personal Development.
  2. Choose how your going to consume your Personal Development. There are options for everyone: videos, podcasts, blog posts. books, audio books, conferences, workshops, coaching, etc…
  3. Plan when to get it in. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Decide WHEN you will get your Personal Development in and for how long.
  4. Be Consistent. Get a little bit in every day. Like any muscle your mind need consistent exercise to grow in strength. Plus it helps you to have a better day 😉
  5. Keep it interesting. Instead of sticking to one area or one source try mixing it up. Learn about something out of your comfort zone or from a new source.

Life is not one size fits all and neither is Personal Development. What works for your best friend, sister, mom, etc… will not always work for you. You make the decisions here, remember it’s about your personal mental strength.

If you want inspiration on books to read check out Megan Hall Motivation’s Book List. You can also check out our list of favorite podcasts below:

I would love to hear how you are getting in personal development. Click comment and let me know how.



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