5 Ways to Show Respect to Your Fellow Humans

5 Ways to Show Respect to Your Fellow Humans, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

There is a lot of disrespect going on in the world today. I feel like we have lost sight of the one thing we all have in common… our humanness. Even though our beliefs, perceptions, and experiences are all different we all have the same internal make up. To be considered a living human we all need brain function and a heart beat.

Humans aren’t perfect. We all come with our own imperfections and we all make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes we make is not respecting other peoples humanness. We often come from a place of striving for perfection and judging all those who aren’t doing so as well. We weren’t meant to be perfect. Instead of shaming each other for those imperfections we should be respecting each others differences.

5 ways to show respect for your fellow humans

1) Listen with an open mind and a closed mouth. Even if their perspective is different than yours. 

2) Stop discriminating against people because they are “different”.

3) Admit you don’t know everything and be willing to learn. 

4) Release the assumption that everyone needs to think, act, or look like you. 

5) Treat them how you would expect to be treated NO MATTER WHAT!

If we were just born in a different country, family, body or environment we could have different beliefs, perceptions and opinions. Who can say that the way we are or think is right way. Sometimes there can be many right answers to the same question. How many ways are there to be a good human? There is an infinite number of ways.

When interacting with this world that is sometimes full of hate and negativity try not to forget our shared humanness. Don’t be that person that feels like they know everything, are always right, and refuse to learn anything new. Learning and growing is a part of being human. There will never be a day that we say “I made it! I’m perfect! I know everything I could ever need to and I make no mistakes.”

Remember YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE AMAZING & YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! Your fellow humans are too.


Megan Hall

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