I should be _________ but I’m not

I should be but I'm not, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Community

This week I stared at my schedule and every single day did the bare minimum. After a hellish week that continued onto this week I knew I was desperate need of a mental health day or week. I kept thinking “I should be _______ but I’m not.” You know what?  That’s ok!

Sometimes mental health days are necessary. It may not  be because of what you do for a living but because of life in general. I L-O-V-E what I do but life happens. My release this week has been coloring. Recently I was introduced to the joys of adult coloring and it literally has been so therapeutic for me.

I did get done the few things I “had” to do this week because as a one woman show I certainly should not just go AWOL  for a week.  However just like I teach my clients I tuned into myself and realized I desperately needed a break. So a week of coloring and reading it has been.

How did I get over the “I should be ____ but I’m not”?

  1. I made sure I did at least one thing towards my business each day . Like writing this blog post 😉 Then I didn’t  feel like I was completely slacking.
  2. I reminded myself of all the times I pushed myself to get things done despite of my desperate need to recharge. Guess what?  It never ends well.
  3. I dug into why I was needing a mental health day. Too many emotions and I needed to feel them before they tore me apart.
  4. I gave myself to reschedule the things that would bring me more stress and only do the things I enjoyed doing. Three podcast episodes DONE!
  5. I asked myself what the consequences would be if I didn’t give myself a break and what would they be if I did. Guess which won?

Mental health days are something everyone needs now and then. We all face adversity and stress. Maybe your lifestyle doesn’t allow for a week worth of them maybe it’s just a day or two. Take how much you can and try to get yourself to a place of replenishment.

Self Care is so crucial when it comes to our mental health. As someone who has a lifelong battle with depression I know when I don’t make that time to care for me bad things happen. It’s ok to let go of the “I should be _____ but I’m not” and just take care of yourself for a change. It will all still be there when you get back .

If you need support on your life’s journey join us in The Inspired Women Community. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!





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