Body Shaming

As women we struggle with a lot of shame. It comes from society and within our own minds. We are taught growing up that certain things are acceptable and others are not.  We often think we have the right to shame other women about their life choices because they don’t match ours.. They wear to much makeup or not enough. They are too skinny or too fat. They are a bad mom for working outside the home or lazy for not working at all.

STOP WITH THE MADNESS ALREADY! It’s hard enough to be a woman without having other women tear us apart and make us feel less than. We should be supporting each other not using each other as the ladder  to make ourselves feel better. As women we need more support and collaboration and less competition. Shaming has got to go especially body shaming. Let us be who we are apologetically.



How to stop the Body Shame: 

  1. Stop Talking about Other Women
  2.  Pay No Mind to Others Opinions of  Your Body
  3. Love Yourself as You Are Right Now
  4. Have Realistic Expectations For Your Body
  5. Accept Not Only Yourself But Other Women as Well

It all starts with us as women. Let’s stop with the body shaming instead of tear others down for their looks get to know their soul. Someone’s outward appearance doesn’t dictate who they are inside.

Build a happy, healthy, thriving life for yourself because YOU ARE ENOUGH!




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