Boundary Basics

Boundary Basics, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

You may or may not have heard the terms boundaries. A boundary is an often unspoken rule protecting your energetic space. Many boundaries almost seem like common sense ex: don’t grab a strangers ass. Other boundaries can vary person by person and situation by situation.  What may be acceptable to one person in one type of  situation may not be acceptable to another person.

Boundaries are necessary in order to maintain good physical, mental and emotional health. They come in all forms from physical boundaries to social media boundaries to boundaries around your time and everything in between. Many times we hesitate to set or maintain our boundaries because we are so scared of how others might react. It’s imperative that we do it anyways.

Here Are Some Boundary Basics

1) Ask yourself what actions/words are acceptable and not acceptable to you. 

2) Allow some variance in your boundaries depending on your relationship with someone. What’s acceptable for your spouse won’t always be for a stranger. 

3) Speak up when someone violates your boundaries. You can say “That was no ok. Please don’t do it again.”

4) Do not apologize for setting a boundary with someone. It’s your right to protect your space. 

5) Reevaluate your boundaries every once in awhile. As we change our boundaries can too. 

Boundaries are not a way to keep people out but are a way to protect ourselves. Think of this less like a wall and more like a fence with a gate. It is all about protecting our energetic space. How we go about this is up to us as individuals and not up to other people. Don’t let others dictate what your boundaries should or should not be.

If you want more information about boundaries tune into The Inspired Women Podcast or check out these articles on Creating Boundaries & What’s in Your Space. Remember you are brave, you are beautiful, you are amazing, and YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!!


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