Colder Weather Is Making You Feel Unmotivated… Now What?

Colder Weather Is Making You Unmotivated... Now What?, Megan Hall, Women's Empowerment CoachThis time of year people have the tendency to feel pretty unmotivated. Whether it’s in health and fitness or business or just doing their daily to dos . It can be difficult to feel motivated to do something not so fun with all the goodies, holiday activities and not to mention colder weather. This is not the time to stop our momentum.

Maybe your thinking… I just don’t feel motivated at all.  Many mammals  hibernate during the colder months. Humans are mammals too. Just because we don’t hibernate doesn’t mean we aren’t also inclined to slow down. For many of us our bodies have the natural tendency to slow down during the colder months. Some of us even experience SAD (seasonal depression disorder). My depression is definitely worse during the colder months. This can be very demotivating.

What can we do about Feeling unmotivated during this time of the year?

1) Rest. This may be counter intuitive but by giving our bodies what it wants, more rest, we will see an increase in our motivation. This doesn’t mean to hibernate but give yourself a little extra rest.

2) Have a list of 2-3 MUST DOs for the day. When you get those things done then if your still not feeling it give yourself permission to stop.  

3) Celebrate your wins. It can be very demotivating when you focus on all that you haven’t accomplished versus all that you have. Make sure you focus on your wins more. 

During this time of the year it’s easy to slack off on our self care. We want to give everyone else a wonderful holiday season and do ALL the things that we forget about ourselves. This won’t help our motivation in any way. It’s up to us to take care and keep our motivation up.

You don’t have to fight your natural urge to slow down. Work with it. Allow yourself a little more time for rest and self care. This is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and how you want to move forward in the upcoming year.  I’m not saying to give up but to slow down. Give yourself some time off. Enjoy your vacation days and recharge.

Remember as always YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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