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Create Your Reality, Megan Hall

There are many times in my life I have felt helpless. I thought there was nothing I could do about my life. Those sort of thoughts quickly had me tumbling into a bout of depression. I would literally shut down and tune out the worl. I didn’t realize there was anything I could do. At the time “Create Your Reality” wasn’t even in my vocabulary.

There are definitely things we cannot control like the weather, other people, or time. But creating our reality doesn’t mean we control everything it means we control ourselves.  Our decisions, our actions, and our words create our reality. They may not always create immediate change  but with time they can effect our life.

Many times we don’t want to make decisions or take action because it’s difficult. I always tell my coaching clients the decisions they need to make and actions they need to take are simple but not always easy. It’s not always action that can effect our reality but inaction as well.

What can you do to create your reality?

1) Decide what kind of life you want to live. What does your ideal life look like? 

2) Ask yourself what is standing between you and that reality. It can be people, careers, your mindset, etc…

3) Identify the actions or decisions that you have made or not made that have created your currently reality. This is helpful so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

4) Ask yourself what you need to do differently to create your new reality. What steps do you need to take to achieve your ideal life?

5) Enlist help and take the first step towards your new reality. Continue to move forward  and be mindful of your decisions, thoughts, words, and actions along the way. 

As adults we have a certain amount of control over our reality.  Many times we give up on pursuing a new reality because we find the journey too hard or it takes too long or we don’t believe we can create  a new one. Yes it will take time and that may be a long time. Results don’t often happen overnight. Instead of focusing how far you have to go focus on how far you’ve come. Every step is a step closer to your ideal life.

This might require hard decisions because nothing worth it is ever super easy. You might have to let go of some people. You might have to make some major life changes. Would you rather be hoping ten years from now that your life was better or would you rather be ten years closer to your ideal life? The choice is up to you.

Remember every words, actions, decision or thought will take you one step closer or one step further from your ideal life. But don’t be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s a two steps forward one step back kind of deal. The key is you learn, grow, and continue to push forward.

As always never forget YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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