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Creating Confidence, Megan Hall, Speaking

Confidence is not something we are just  born with, we can learn and develop it over time. Through our every day interactions we are creating or diminishing our confidence in ourselves . We may have been hindered in our ability to be confident today because of our environment growing up but that does not mean we are a lost cause. We all still capable of creating confidence and it won’t take as long as you think.

Growing up I was confident in some areas and less confident in others. I would say my total confidence level was a five or six out of ten. Nothing super low but nothing outstanding either. No one would have described me as confident back then.

I hit my lowest confidence level ever seven years ago right before leaving an abusive relationship. I was probably at a one maybe a two and if you gave me a few drinks possibly a four. It was only liquid confidence because once I was sober I was back to a one or two. To be honest I barely even had the confidence to leave that relationship.

I was so not confident that when I finally left that relationship and was looking for employment I only applied to fast food places and groceries stores. Even though I  was an intelligent person having  attended a wonderful university and was a very qualified person my lack of confidence hindered me from applying other places. I was over qualified for the job I received at Burger King and within months was being considered for  a management position.

Today I have been called confident on multiple occasions and feel confident 95% of the time. I learned quite a few lessons on creating confidence while going from not very confident burger flipper to confident entrepreneur in the last seven years.

Here are a few lessons I personally learned about creating confidence:

1. People can effect our confidence level if  we allow them the opportunity

2. Once we’ve created confidence that doesn’t mean we will remain confident. Without consistently working on our confidence levels we could easily lose our confidence in ourselves. 

3.  Mistakes can effect our confidence level if we don’t process them them correctly.

4.  Confidence isn’t something we have or we don’t have we can create confidence within ourselves at any time . 

5.  No one can else can make us confident. We must create our confidence ourselves. 

You might be thinking “I want to be more confident but I don’t know how.” I’ve been there too. I use to think if I just spend enough time with confident people it will rub off on me. It certainly didn’t hurt but that’s not what helped me become more confident.

I want to teach you how to create confidence with ease. That’s why I am hosting a ” Creating Confidence” Live Masterclass. In this two hour Masterclass I will teach you ten ways to create more confidence in yourself and uplevel your life. Find out more and grab your spot today by visiting

I can’t wait to help you create more confidence and work towards that life of your dreams. Remember  You Are Enough. 



2 thoughts on “Creating Confidence

  1. Lauren says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article! I know confidence is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. It really does take effort every single day to remain confident.

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