Creating Healthy Boundaries Mini Course

This Mini Course is for women who:
  • Struggle to say no
  • Find themselves frequently emotionally draines
  • Get sucked into doing things they don’t want to do
  • Want to be able to set boundaries with others
  • Constantly find themselves feeling drained after being on social media
  • Attract dram into their life frequently

If any of those things describe you then this is the course for you. In this mini course you will learn tools that will help you create healthy boundaries in your life.


Healthy Boundaries

What are mini courses:

Mini course are subject specific, bite size courses. Each module is between 15-30 minutes in length and has a corresponding worksheet. Some of the modules even have bonus information or tools that can help as well.

how do I know anything about this:

I spent three years in an abusive relationship with someone who continued to violate my boundaries. It was a cycle that didn’t just start there. I had spent my whole life allowing other people to push my boundaries. Why? I just wanted so desperately to fit in. In order to be accepted I thought I had to allow people to do what they wanted. It took most of my life to realize that setting boundaries is not only ok but necessary.

The past five years I have learned how set healthy boundaries not only with other people but myself. I’ve learned how to tune into how things make me feel and set boundaries to protect my energetic space. I want to share that all with you.

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