Didn’t Reach Your Goals?

Megan Hall, Life Coach, Your Goals

The end of this year is closing in fast. For me December is a month of reflection. Where did everything go right? Where did everything go wrong this year? What do I want to achieve moving forward? That means creating some goals for next year.

In your reflection you might be focusing on all the goals you didn’t hit. You might be focusing on where you really messed up and what your failures were. By only focusing on what you did wrong you won’t be able to see all the things you did right. You will slowly lose motivation. Stop beating yourself up for not reaching your goals.

What you can do if you didn’t reach your goals

1) Ask yourself if your goals were realistic for this period in your life. Many times we set huge goals that aren’t realistic for us during this part of our journey. 

2) Identify the lessons you can learn from your mistakes this year. Did those things cause you not to reach your goals? Or were there underlying issues?

3) Ask “How can I do better next year?” If your goals were unrealistic set some better ones. If you made mistakes don’t repeat them. 

4) Set 1-5 goals for next year. We often set too many goals and our focus is scattered instead of focusing our efforts in a few places.

5) Identify where there could be issues achieving your goals and come up with a plan to combat those issues. 

Goals give us something to work towards. They shouldn’t constantly stress us out but instead put pressure on us to move forward. Our goals can change over a year. Check in with yourself regularly and ask “Is this still something I want?”

Just because you don’t reach a goal doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Stop beating yourself up and focus on what you need to do better moving forward. Remember a mistake is only a failure if you don’t learn the lesson. Learn your lesson from this year and use it to make next year even better. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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