Don’t Lose Your Sh*t This Holiday Season

Don't Lose Your Sh*t This Holiday Season, Megan Hall, Life Coach

The holidays are upon us. This time of year can be both joyful and very stressful. I was at Whole Foods last weekend and saw the beginning of what I call “Holiday Anger”. This is when people get so stressed out around the holidays they take it out on other people. You know like randomly yelling at people in the parking lot at Whole Foods. Don’t become one of those people losing your sh*t this holiday season.

The last couple of years  I haven’t really felt  the holiday spirit. I dreaded all the shopping, cooking, and angry people. It wasn’t until this year while teaching my clients how to take ownership of their lives that I realized I can take back my holiday season. I don’t need to lose my sh*t and dread the holidays. Instead I could embrace them and feel that joy.

How Not To Lose Your Sh*T this holiday season

1) Identify the areas that bring you most stress when it comes to the holidays

2) Identify the areas that bring you most joy during the holidays

3) Ask yourself how you can minimize the stress and maximize the joy. Do less stressful things and more joyful ones.

4) Set boundaries with those around you 

5) Take good care of yourself because the holidays are emotional and you don’t want to be pouring from an empty cup

For me one of the things that brings me the most stress is holiday shopping. I despise the long lines and the angry people. So to minimize this I do all of my gift shopping online and I only go grocery shopping when I am energized. I make a list , go early and get out so I don’t take on other people’s negative energy. No black Friday shopping here. I minimize the stress by minimizing the stressful parts to my holiday shopping.

Being around family can be a stressful part of the holidays. A great way to minimize this is either do the holidays with your immediate family. That’s what I am doing this year. If you choose to be around extended family don’t engage in the negativity. If the conversation goes down a dark path change the subject or walk away. You don’t have to participate in negative nonsense.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the things that bring you most stress. Whether that means seeking a professional to work through the emotional stress or getting someone to help with the shopping.  You don’t have to do all the things by yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no and delegate somethings to other people. Free up sometime to do the joyful things. Take good care of yourself so you can enjoy the holiday season with a full cup instead of an empty one.

Remember as always YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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