Get Out Of My Way


I am seriously the best person to get into my own way. Everything goes hunky dory then I self sabotage. I sabotage my relationships, business, and health. It all boils down to  that feeling of not being worthy.

Wow that is a hard pill to swallow. Makes me want to build a blanket fort and hide out under it. Please don’t make me adult. Why do I have to face my demons? Simply put so the madness can stop.

This is my life. I am in charge of it no one else. I am worthy of an absolutely amazing life. I am worthy of awesome relationships, a thriving business, and a healthy body. I can change me, my actions, and my reactions.

Where do I begin on this journey of being worthy? It all begins with taking a hard look at where it all begins to unravel. What plans can I put into place to stop the cycle of self sabotage?  Like everything else all starts with the mind.

What can effect the mind? Negativity, alcohol, lack of sleep, no personal development… the list goes on and on. Many, many things can effect the mind. Generally I can control all of these things.  If I can control it I can change it.

As a motivational mindset coach I know quite well how important working on your mindset is. It can be really hard sometimes. When we take time to notice where we are struggling with mindset and what things make us struggle more we can put a plan in place to help work on it. Taking imperfect action daily.

It’s not an overnight thing. Despite having made leaps and bounds in my personal development I still have a looong way to go. I can start by forgiving myself for all the times I have self sabotaged and view those times as learning lessons. Lessons that are going to make a better, happier person.

Now to make a plan. Deciding upon small changes and implementing them one at a time will help to cut back on the overwhelm. With time and some hard work this self sabotage will be a distant memory.


Comment below and let me know where you self sabotage.



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