How To Cultivate a More Positive Mindset Mini Course

This Mini Course is for women who:
  • Struggle to stay positive
  • Find themselves frequently brought down by life
  • Get sucked down by the negativity rabbit hole
  • Want to be more positive
  • Constantly find themselves “venting” on social media
  • Attract drama or negativity into their life frequently

If any of those things describe you then this is the course for you. In this mini course you will learn tools that will help you maintain a more positive mindset.

Not One Size Fits All, Megan Hall, Life Empowerment

What are mini courses:

Mini course are subject specific, bite size courses. Each module is between 15-30 minutes in length and has a corresponding worksheet. Some of the modules even have bonus information or tools that can help as well.

how do I know anything about this:

I spent about half of my life drowning in negativity. I was that person on social media that you would unfollow or unfriend because I brought the part waaaay down. For every positive post I posted I also posted something equally as negative. I struggled so hard to stay relatively positive. This all made my depression so much worse.

The past five years I have learned how to over come my negative mindset and build a more positive one through simple life strategies. Now for the most part I have a relatively positive mindset. Of course no one is perfect so I am still learning and growing. I am going to teach you in this mini course the life strategies that have helped me so far with developing a more positive mindset.

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