How to Deal With Mean Girls

How to deal with mean girls, Megan Hall, Life coach, motivational speaker

This week’s Fri-YAY episode of The Inspired Women Podcast I chat about mean girls. When I was younger I thought when I became an adult I wouldn’t have to deal with mean girls anymore. I was wrong because mean girls become mean women. Mean women have access to many more ways of being mean.

When we were kids mean girls might push us, call us names, say mean things, or exclude us. Mean women do all of those things and even more. Mean women have can black mail or black ball you. They can do things that can permanently effect your position in a certain group or company. Mean women can be ruthless.

How to deal with mean girls aka mean women

1) Start with it’s not you it’s them. You are enough just as you are. 

2) Stop trying to “fit in” with them. This is just adding fuel to the fire they can smell in-authenticity. 

3) Distance yourself from them. The more you allow yourself to be around them the more it will hurt. 

4) Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. When they come at you don’t attack them instead stand your ground. 

5) Surround yourself with women who support you and make you feel good about yourself. 

We just want to be accepted right? Especially if we spent most of our lives trying to fit in but never really feeling like we belong. Often times mean girls are part of a clique and we want to belong to something like that. If someone is being mean to you, making your feel like you don’t belong, or tearing other women down you have to ask yourself if you really want to be a part of that. Don’t stoop to their level.

So many times in my life I tried desperately to fit in. Every time I walked away feeling rejected and empty inside usually after being the victim of some mean girls. As women mean girls have developed a subtler ways of being mean. It’s not always blatant. It wasn’t until I really took the time to discover who I was, what I stood for, and how I wanted to feel that I realized these kinds of people just weren’t worth my time. Instead I took time to find those women who were worth it. They often have been the victims of mean girls too.

If you want help discovering who you are check out this article I once was lost & Finding the right community for you. Remember YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTHY, & YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


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