How to Heal From Emotional Hurt

How to Heal From Emotional Hurt, Megan Hall, Life coach, Motivational Speaker

We all experience hurts in our life times. Some hurts are physical and some hurts are emotional. The physical ones are a little easier to heal. We see a professional, they treat us, and if we play our cards right ta da they heal us. Emotional hurt is a little harder to heal. It’s often an invisible wound that we don’t always realize is there.

Many times other people can cause this emotional hurt. People who may not apologize or take ownership of their actions. People who may never give you the opportunity for closure. Even if someone was the cause of our emotional hurt it’s not up to them to heal it. Their apology or ownership of their actions may help but it’s not necessary. Don’t let their hurt effect your life for the rest of your life.

How to heal from emotional hurt

1) Identify the hurt and where it’s coming from

2) Feel and express how you are feeling. This can be to the person who hurt you if possible, a close friend or even a therapist (especially if this is a deep hurt).

3) Decide what steps you need to take to move forward. A therapist can also help with this piece as well. 

4) Create space between you and the person who caused this hurt if they continue to hurt you. Verbal/emotional abuse is real. 

5) Challenge the thoughts that this emotional hurt has caused. Ex: All ______ people are bad. I am not enough. I will never find love. Everyone who is _______ is like this. 

It’s important we don’t let this emotional hurt taint how we feel about a similar group of people. I personally have some emotional hurts from the Christian church. However that does not mean all Christians are bad or are going to hurt me like that. It can be really easy to project our feelings onto others instead of processing through them.

Emotional hurt comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be attached to very traumatic events or something minor. The deeper the hurt the longer it will take to heal. You may even need a professional to help you through the healing process. There is nothing wrong with this! Healing is an important part of our journey.



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