How to Say No Without the Guilt

The beginning of this week I realized I was burnt out. As a very social person I have been saying yes to waaaay to much! It all caught up with me. I was looking around my disastrous house, feeling exhausted, and not wanting to do a single thing.

That’s when I realized something had to give. I had to start saying no to things despite wanting to do everything. We can do it all juts not all at once. I cannot parent my children, be a support for my husband, run a business, go to all the meetings, and take care of my household  by myself. I figured out three ways to allow myself to say no while not feeling guilty.


My top three tips for saying no without the guilt:

  1. Set some rules for yourself. Without hard and fast rules we cannot thrive.
  2. Ask yourself three questions: Does it make me happy? Does it move me forward? Does it serve me in any way?
  3. Set your your top five priorities.

If it doesn’t follow your rules, answer yes to one of the questions or make your priorities say no. Save yourself from stress, overwhelm, and burn out.  I know you can do this!

Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!



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