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I Knew I was Meant for More

Whew first blog post. What a scary thing.. Now to commit to myself and to you all. I want to make a difference and here is one venue I can.

September 2014 I made the decision to become a Beachbody coach. I really didn’t know what that meant or what I was suppose to do. I had no idea how it would change my life.

It began with my first fitness accountability group. I was flying by the seat of my pants just yearning to help someone change their lives the way fitness had changed mine. I wanted them to feel happy, healthy, vibrant, and confident. That first group began my obsession with helping others.

I started saying I was an online fitness coach because Beachbody Coach never resonated with me. I was not defined by Beachbody, people wanted to work with ME. Beachbody just happened to be the vehicle by which they could do that.

I couldn’t believe people really wanted to work with me. I started getting requests… how can I have you in my living room? I was baffled that it wasn’t the programs they wanted but me. Really, Truly.. ME!!!

I started to feel this tugging on my heart and soul. I felt like I was meant for so much more than I was doing. I yearned to help women in other ways not just with at home workout programs and accountability groups. I wanted to help motivate them to believe in themselves and find the confidence to pursue their goals.

My fire was lit when two dear friends of mine also said they thought I was meant for more. They offered to pow wow with me so we could come up with how. The answer was clear.. motivational speaking, and life and fitness coaching.

After that pow wow fear started to creep in. What if I fail? What if people don’t want to work with me? What if they think I’m a fraud? So I decided I need to get all of these “certifications” to make myself “legit”.

I failed to see that I was preventing myself from getting started. That was until it hit in the face via two life coaches I met at the Modern Femme Convention this past weekend. They busted through my fears and “excuses” and lit a fire under my ass.

Instead of saying I want to  I am now saying I am. I am a motivational speaker… I motivate people on Facebook with my video and Facebook lives. I am a life and fitness coach.. I have coached women in both aspects over the last year and a half.

I am still scared and nervous but I am ready. I am ready to start this new endeavor. I hope you will all be along for the ride.




One thought on “I Knew I was Meant for More

  1. Kaycee says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaas. You ARE all these things and more! You do so much to make other people feel good about themselves and I just want to see you believe in yourself at that same level. You deserve it, you’ve earned it and I’m so proud of you chasing your dreams! It’s scary for sure, but please know that you have all the support and love surrounding you that you need to succeed. Anytime you need a pep talk or a boost of any kind, I’m here for you. Love you to pieces! ❤️

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