I’m Just A Mom

Wow! Those words just haunt me. I spoke one of my negative self talks out loud this past weekend and that one really hurt. It was so freeing to say because those words can’t hold me back anymore.

For the longest time I would let my thought of I am just a mom control what I did. When I left my middle daughters father in 2010 that thought stopped me from applying to a decent job. I felt I had nothing to offer an employer because “I was just a mom” so I applied to places like Burger King, Arby’s, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart. I had so much more potential than that.

When I first started my business as a Beachbody coach I thought why anyone want me as their coach… “I am just a mom”. I realized in no time the fact that I was a mom was something that resonated deeply with other women. If she’s a mom and can do all of this well I can too. I wasn’t just a mom I was coach too. I could help others.

When trying to make friends with other women I thought they wouldn’t want to be friends with me because “I’m just a mom.” Really what would I have to offer in  a friendship as just a mom? It held me back from connecting with so many women on amazing levels for so long. I also ended up connecting with women who had that same thought in their heads too. I literally had a “friend” ask when I was going to get a real job because being “just a mom” was not doing anything.

I had lost myself in this self talk of being just a mom. I was attracting people into my life who were thinking the same thing about me. I defined myself in such a way that my true colors could not show. I became Just a mom. I lost Megan. Who was she? How did she feel? What did she like? What value can she provide?

Turns out I had a lot of value I could provide. It wasn’t until I started to break free from that definition that I could shine.I started attracting people into my life who saw my value. I am more than just a mom… I am me. Being a mom is only a small but important piece of that.

This weekend provided me the final push to completely remove that definition of I am just a mom. Now I can say I am Megan. I am fun, genuine, honest, authentic, a coach, a speaker, a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a mentor, a sister, etc…. All these things and so much more that make up who I really am. I will not say I am just because I am not just anything. I am… ME!

Negative self talk is something most women struggle with. We end up attracting people who only perpetuate that same talk. Instead we need to be surrounded by those who lift us up. Please sign up for my newsletter list so you can get weekly motivation into your inbox. I would love to have you on this journey with me. Join me here…


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