How Can We Stop Social Media From Killing Our Vibes?

Megan Hall, Life Coach, how can we stop social media from killing our vibes

Last weekend I took a day off of social media to reset. Not checking my social media feeds every hour definitely helped. I had noticed that I was beginning to get so worn out every time I check Facebook. It seemed every time I hopped on, no matter how many people I unfollowed or unfriended, I would be drained. Social media was killing my vibe. How can we stop social media from killing our vibes?

Just this morning when I checked out Facebook’s on this day feature I saw that a year ago I was posting about the same thing. I began to wonder why I didn’t learned from last year and start making social media siestas a regular event. The answer was obvious… FOMO (fear of missing out). I’m always worried I’ll miss out on something big if I don’t check social media regularly.

Social media can be addicting. Every like or comment is a dopamine hit to our brains. Because of this we literally become addicted to social media. We end up experiencing the highs and lows of addiction. The highs when we see all the likes and comments and lows when we see none. It can have an effect on our mental health.

How can we stop social media from killing our vibes?

1) Give yourself times during the day that you don’t check social media. For example you will only check social media once an hour or you check it or from 3:30-7:30pm.

2) Take regular social media siestas. Weekly or monthly take a whole day or weekend off of social media. 

3) Unfriend and unfollow those people who you feel are sucking your soul on social media. 

4) Set a limit for your social media time. For example you will only check it for 15 minutes when you get on. 

5) Be mindful of what you put out there and what you allow in your space. Like attracts like. The more negativity and drama you allow in or put out the more that will come to you. 

Social media shouldn’t be something we hate yet feel we have to be on. It’s your place and you decide what’s in it. When you feel like it’s too much step back and take a break. You’ll find you have more energy that way. Let’s make social media breaks part of our regular routine.

Social media doesn’t control you. You control it. Take back your control over it today. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall


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