Just Say No

Just Say No, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Time management is something everyone struggles with at one point in time or another. We sometimes take on too much and stretch ourselves too thin. Even though everyone has the same 24 hours in a day it seems like some people are able to do more with that time. That’s because they have learned to just say no.

Saying no can be difficult. We don’t want to disappoint anyone and fear missing out on something. This causes us to start saying yes to practically everything but in turn not have time for anything of substance. Our focus is in 10 different directions instead of where it needs to be. It can get old real fast as we head for burn out.

How to just say no

1) Identify your top 5 priorities personally & professionally. This will help you quickly identify conflicts. If your health is #1 like mine if I need a mental health day I am saying no a lot.

2) Ask yourself what will I get out of this and what will cost me. Which is greater?

3) Is this aligned with your goals? If something isn’t aligned with your goals you’re wasting time that could go towards achieving those goals. 

4) Ask yourself these three questions. Is this going to make me happy? Will this move me forward? Will this positively serve me in some way? If the answers no your answer should be too. 

5) Say your busy even if your not. No one knows what your schedule looks like. As long as your not bragging on social media you’ll be ok. 

It’s time to clear some things off your plate that don’t belong there. You can wait last minute to RSVP to a party when you’re not sure if you’ll be up to attending. It’s ok to change your plans if it looks like it will be too much for you. Your days don’t have to be spent going 100 mph because eventually you’ll crash.

Our schedules need to have a balance of work, fun, and rest. Physically, mentally, and emotionally we aren’t set up to constantly be on the go. When you just say no to things you will find more of a balance in these areas. Time management will become much easier too.

Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!!


Megan Hall

2 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. momjonz says:

    I won’t say I’m busy if I’m not. I tell the person straight up….I’m unavailable cause I’m sitting on my couch minding my business or it’s my nap time. lol. Saying no is hard at first, but you are correct, you gotta say it sometimes!

    • Megan Hall says:

      I’m so happy to hear you are able to tell people what you are doing. I know not everyone is able to. I say I’m busy if I’m sitting on the couch because I’m busy sitting on the couch lol. No is a complete sentence 😉 We all need to learn to utilize it.

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