Life Is Not One Size Fits All

Not One Size Fits All, Megan Hall, Life Empowerment

One thing that has been driving me crazy lately is this one size fits all approach to life and business. I see it everywhere. Advertisements promising the “Seven Step Formula to a Million Dollar Business.” I call bullshit on all of it. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Why? Because we are all unique individuals with unique experiences and capabilities. Yes it’s true you are a special snowflake but not in the bad way.

The last couple of weeks I have really been soul searching on what sets me apart from other people in my industry. With some introspection I realized it’s because I meet my clients where they are. I don’t promise to share my secret formula instead I guide my clients to discovering their own secret formula to achieving their ideal life. Sounds pretty magical right? I think so too.

Why this approach when many in my industry are speaking about sharing their “secret formula to success”? Because their ideal life does not look like yours. Their experience, capabilities, and life in general don’t look yours either. So why should the approach be one size fits all? It shouldn’t. It’s all about finding what works best for you and pursuing it. My secret formula might not work for you but guarantee yours will.

All of that is exactly why I am changing the way I do things in my business. No more cookie cutter programs you can opt into. Instead I am focusing on programs that are more molded to your specific needs. My programs shouldn’t be one size fits if that’s not how I help others. I’m thinking of this as a build your own program sort of thing.

Exciting Ideas that a percolating
  1. A group program that can be opted into or out of monthly with no limit to how many women can participate. You never “lose” your spot and lower monthly investment. Sign up for our next round Here.
  2. A “build your own” one on one program. Where we decide how long we work together and what the focus will be.
  3. Bi Yearly group retreats. Get the in person experience for a lower investment.
  4. One on One weekend long intensive. In person with me for a whole weekend. Best thing is I come to you.
  5. Much, much, more too!

I would love to hear your ideas on how I can help you now or in the future. My goal is to meet women where they are and help each of them discover their own secret formula. I would love to keep you accountable, provide you the permission to do what you need, and unlock your inner magic. Let’s do this together.

Grab your spot in our next Mini Group Here. Always remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!





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