Modern Femme Convention 2017… The Rebirth

This past weekend I attended the Modern Femme 2017 Convention. This was my second time attending this convention. My first time was so profound. It literally catapulted me into what I doing today as a speaker and a coach. I remember listening wide eyed as all the amazing women spoke about business and life. The coaches in the coaches corner literally changed my business trajectory.

A week after the 2016 convention I was asked to come speak at the 2017 convention. I was blown away. I thought “Really? They really want me to come speak?” It took me almost a year to get use to the thought that I would be speaking at the same convention that changed my life. Then a month before this years convention I was asked to coach in the coaches corner as well. Yep that same coaches corner that had helped me so much!

My goal going into the convention was to be present and pour into the women there. I told everyone I was going to give my all to the attendees. I wanted to inspire the women in attendance so they too would be able to experience what I had only a year before. I was going to support the women there so they felt inspired, confident,  and motivated to pursue their dreams.

I did exactly what I came to do. On Saturday evening after the closing remarks I had nothing left. I was exhausted and super emotional. I had spent three days just pouring into these women whether it was a smile, a positive word, coaching, listening, or speaking I gave them everything I had.

Being so in it meant my Self Care suffered. I didn’t sleep as well as normal or as long as normal. I barley ate anything. I definitely got my steps in but I didn’t take time to rest. I was soaking up the emotional energy of those around me and as an empath that can be very draining. When i spoke there was a fire in my soul and everything came out. I did what I came to do.

I have to be honest when I walked out of my presentation and not a single woman had signed up for the killer coaching deals I was offering I felt deflated. I cried. I thought  “I poured everything I had into the convention how could it not come back to me.”  As one friend pointed out I didn’t come there to sell but to serve. That was so true but it still hurt.

On Saturday night I found myself in my hotel  room exhausted, hurt, lonely, and sad. The damn dogs in the room next to me started barking again and I lost it. I went to the front desk to check out in tears because I needed to go home. It took me days to process what this convention meant to me as I recovered from my exhaustion and vulnerability hang over.

This convention was my rebirth. I witnessed my potential to touch and change the lives of other women. Those women in my session didn’t sign up with me not because they didn’t see value in it but they needed to be able to process the convention as well. Last year I learned how to build myself and this year I learned how to embrace who I am. That means embracing not only my genius but my mess too.

I was able to touch and change the lives of so many women. I was told I was a bright light that shone the way and that women looked forward to seeing me. I made things simple and easy. I was even given the hashtag #sunshineandglitter because that’s how I showed up. The topic of my presentation was “Surviving to Thriving”. I thought I was thriving before but today i am thriving on a whole different level.

It was my rebirth because I grew confident in my role as a badass life changer. I am embracing that.  I’m also working on not only embracing the good, but also the bad, and the downright ugly sides of my life because they all are a part of me. All I can say now is I did it, I did what I went to do and I feel so much better for it.

If you are a woman in search of a positive, supportive community then check out communities like Modern Femme Community or my The Inspired Women Community. Be open to learning, growing, and changing. When you are open to change  amazing things can happen. It was the same convention but two different experiences, both necessary and both life changing. Take a chance on something



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