New Year Goal Setting

New Years Goal Setting, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker,

To be honest I really don’t like the word resolution. Resolutions to me become unfulfilled desires. Why do they become unfulfilled desires? We set something that’s unrealistic, we try to change everything all at once, or we set way too many of them. Instead of resolutions I want to focus on New Year goal setting.

Resolutions carry this stigma of not being accomplished. Goals however are much more tangible. We still have some of the same struggles we have with resolutions. That’s why our goal setting needs to be very intentional and throughout the year.

A few tips for new year goal setting

1) Only set 1-5 over arching goals for the year. Anything more becomes overwhelming and unfocused. 

2) Make them SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.

3) Break those SMART goals down into manageable pieces. What do you need to do quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily to achieve these goals?

4) Put them where you can see them every day. Whether on a white board, vision board, computer screen or even review them in the morning to keep them top of mind.

5) Check in with yourself through out the year. It’s ok to change, pivot, or just decide that original goal is not for you. 

Our goals aren’t set in stone. Things can happen during the year that make us decide to go in a different direction. This is why checking in with yourself regularly is so important. Make sure to focus on setting quarterly or monthly goals as well. This can be the times you check in and see if you are still on the same path.

Don’t let this process overwhelm you. That’s why  setting up a maximum of five goals is crucial. The more goals you have the less focus you have on each one and the more overwhelming they become.  You cannot change all the things all at once so don’t forget to break them into manageable pieces. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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