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Motivational speaking, Megan Hall, Life Coach

DISCLAIMER: If four letter words offend you then Megan is not the speaker for you

Megan Empowers & inspires women to Discover Clarity among their chaos.

A house cannot stand the test of time without a sturdy foundation. Megan helps women create a solid foundation on which to build their best self life upon. She focuses mainly on life strategy, minimizing stress and maximizing joy,  with a little business knowledge sprinkled in. Megan’s theory is if your struggling in your personal life you’re professional life will suffer and vice versa.

Through her speaking, coaching, and podcasting Megan empowers women to take ownership of their personal and professional lives. She has helped guide many women to find clarity among their chaos and make life more manageable.  Her enthusiasm and passion motivates women to believe in themselves and find the confidence to pursue a life they really  enjoy living.

Presentation topics…

  • From Surviving to Thriving: Three Crucial Components For Creating a Life You Love
  • Stand Out In a Noisy World: Authenticity & YOU
  • Creating Quality Relationships
  • Healthy Boundary Setting
  • Cultivating a Positive Mindset
  • Realistic Time Management
  • How To Take Care Of You
  • Experiences as Military Spouse
  • How I Became A Domestic Violence Survivor
  • Living With Mental Illness
  • And Much More

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Feedback From Previous Speaking Engagements:

I just wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm and wisdom, and for agreeing to participate in the Create the Life You Love celebration. When you speak, it comes from such a sincere place that people are riveted on your words. 🙂 We will be forwarding your tips to the attendees with your email info so they can reach out plus there were a few women who wanted you to get in touch directly.  Such a great morning! I was so energized afterwards.”  – Kecia Dilday



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