Staying Motivated

Life is a roller coaster. Whether you are a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur it’s a roller coaster. We all have our ups and downs  and sometimes the downs are really down. It’s so easy to stay motivated when everything is hunky dory because that motivation just feeds into itself. While when the downs come we really, really struggle to keep going.  Sometimes it can feel like your crawling in the mud under barb wire al la Spartan Race style.

How do we stay motivated? Motivation has many pieces and so much can help us . There are a lot of things that can hinder us too. The great things is many of these things are universal so whether you are losing motivation for doing laundry or getting a new client these tips can help.

Start with WHY.

Why do you need/want to do this? Don’t give a surface why like because I want to get debt free. Get really deep so deep that you get a bit emotional. For example the debt free one is mine. When I get real deep I realize I don’t want to be dependent on anyone else to provide for me because that’s how I ended up homeless with nothing to my name at one point in time.

Set some SMART Goals.

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. Set long term goals but also break those up into shorter bite sized goals. We often get so overwhelmed with looking at the big picture that we lose that motivation. If you set smaller goals then you see progress faster. Example of what a SMART goal isn’t: I want to get healthy. Example of what it is: I want to lose 30 lbs in six months.

Celebrate your wins.

Find a win in every day. This is something you are proud you did that day. Even if that win is I got out of bed and put on pants when I wanted to sleep all day then celebrate that! Then find an ultimate win each week. Something totally awesome you did that week that you are super proud of. There is always something.

Self Care.

When you feel good you make good decisions. You are able to stay motivated easier . You only have so much bandwidth to be able to focus. If most of that focus is going towards how awful you feel then you don’t have a whole lot left over to help keep you motivated. I say start with getting enough sleep first.

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up.

When life pushes you down in that mud you need people to lift you up. This is so crucial because these are the people who will help keep you motivated. This could be friends, family, a coach (like me 😉 ), accountability partner,  networking groups, etc…. You can find these people anywhere. Just remember to be what you want to attract. If you want uplifting people around you need to be that too.  It’s a lot harder staying motivated without them.

These five things are part of the many things that can help you stay motivated. Remember it’s all within you. We all go through our own hard but we have the ability to choose to keep riding the roller coaster of life. Your hard is hard. My hard is hard, We can work on not making it so hard for each other. Shine your light brightly in the world.

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