Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself

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I spent years and years thinking “I should be happy/successful”  “I should be this or I should be that.” but I wasn’t.  What I really needed to do was stop shoulding on myself. Many times our shoulds are developed because that’s what society says we should be feeling or we should be doing. We are torn in a thousand different directions because everyone is saying something different.

Four years ago I was at my “ideal weight”, I had a beautiful home, I was married to a man who took good care of me, and I had four beautiful children. All I could think is “I should be happy” but I wasn’t. The outside world was telling me I should be happy, hell they still say I should be happy. I didn’t feel happy, I felt empty inside. Even though only a few years earlier I had NOTHING. Literally no job, no car, no license, no house, and two kids to care for I didn’t feel happy with my life.

Why wasn’t I happy? What was the missing link? The missing link was me. I was so busy listening to what everyone else said I should think, do, or say that I left me out of the equation. I was shoulding all over my life and feeling more disconnected with each passing day. It took me years to realize that I would never have the life I wanted if I didn’t put me back into my daily life.

The only way that we can be successful, happy, and healthy is by tuning into our inner wisdom. There is not a soul on earth that knows you and your life better than you. When we tap into our inner wisdom and allow that to guide us in our lives and business we will see things shift. Are there people who know more about certain topics than you? Of course! Take their wisdom and if it applies to you utilize it. However NO ONE is an expert on your life but you.

how to tune into your inner wisdom

  1. Take care of yourself. When you feel good you are able to tune into yourself better.
  2. Take all advice with a grain of salt. Like I tell new moms, “Figure out what works best for you and throw the rest away.”
  3. If something feels “off” or “just not right” it’s probably not. Trust your gut.
  4. Be who you are every, single day. When you are authentic in your daily life it’s easier to tune into your inner wisdom.
  5. Build your tribe of people who will allow you to bounce information off of them and only help when asked to.  No “fixers” allowed. lol

It’s time for us to filter all the white noise out there and add ourselves back into the equation. You have a far deeper knowledge of what will make you successful, happy and healthy than you even realize. It’s all about tapping into your inner wisdom so you can see everything you want come to fruition.

If you need support, guidance, and accountability while you discover your own inner wisdom then join us in our next Better Together Mini Group. Remember as always YOU ARE ENOUGH!




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