Success is a Journey Not a Destination

Success is a journey not a destination, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Podcast

We’ve all thought it… when I am successful i will _______. We often see success as an end point vs an on going pursuit. Success is a journey not a destination. There will never be a time that we get to a point and say “Here is success and I am done” . As humans we are always striving for something new, it’s what makes life so exciting and wonderful.

Instead of enjoying the journey of success we get caught up in the hustle trying to reach it. Through all the hustle we miss out on some of the most amazing parts of our journey. Ever seen someone “successful” that is completely unhappy with their lives? I have!  There are many I have envied for their success. I’ve even thought “Someday I will be just like them.”  It took me awhile to realize I really don’t ever want to not enjoy the journey of success.

How Can We see success is a journey not a destination?

1) Never stop pursuing new goals and dreams. When you achieve something then that leaves room for you to achieve something new. 

2) Give yourself a break. We cannot always be on the go, go, go, go. That leads to burn out, panic attacks, physical ailments, and exhaustion. 

3) Learn from the twists and turns in your journey. The path won’t always be smooth, straight, and paved. Some days it will be bumpy, some days it will be turning this way and that, and some days you’ll be tripping over roots.  There’s a lesson in all of it.

4) Don’t be afraid to take the path less traveled.  We often think we have to do everything the way everyone else is doing it.  We often assume that must be THE way because everyone else is doing it that way. Just because it’s everyone else’s path that doesn’t mean it’s YOUR path.

5) Leave room for change.  As a journey not a destination there will be change along the way. Maybe a new path opens up, maybe the old one closes down, or maybe a different path looks more interesting than the one you’re on. 

When we think of success as a journey it makes pursuing it more exciting. We release the pressures to “achieve” success by a certain deadline. Instead we are more willing to explore and expand. We also avoid the let down after achieving our goals. The exasperated “what’s next?” so to speak. Instead we excitedly wonder “Where Can I go next?”

Enjoy the journey. Remember your success is defined by you and not those around you. Joyfully pursue what sets your soul on fire. Don’t let others dictate what path you need to take or where you need to go next. Only you know where you want to go. The possibilities are endless.

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Megan Hall

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