Why you need a Life Coach:

I thought only unsuccessful people used life coaches. I am a strong woman who can do it all on my own! I plugged myself into a spot for Megan Hall’s Better Together Mini Group. First, let me tell you I honestly figured I would complete four weeks and go on my way! I had just finished my degree and was ready to take on the world! I wasn’t unhappy or scared, but comfortable with life even though I was kind of lost. The first week made me think outside of the little square box I was comfortable with. During our phone conversation, I think I realized that I needed to dig underneath all my thoughts and clarify my purpose and life. I found I was happy with my life, but needed more growth and to challenge myself. 

We all get caught up in our routines and busy lives. Having Megan push me and keep me accountable has made me different person just after four short weeks. I have created habits and changed my top priorities. If I was doing it at my own “pace” I probably would have finished these further down the road. The women that were in my group were AMAZING and super supportive as well! Having Megan as my life coach wasn’t a magic pill or short cut to solutions. She made me look at life with a different perspective and achieve my goals much faster! Megan was the best “GPS” to get from where I was to where I am now. It was worth the investment!

Heidi Dindi