The Perks of Friendship

The perks of friendship, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational speaker

I always say our significant others cannot be all the things to us. That’s a lot of pressure to put on one person. One of the perks of friendship is they don’t have to be. By having several close friends our friends can fulfill some of the emotional support we might need. Although don’t throw your spouse out the door they still have a place.

Quality friendships are imperative to our ability to be our best selves. I know it can be really scary to build and grow friendships. It opens us up to hurt but it also opens us up to love. Some friendships won’t work out. That’s ok because each one will teach us more about ourselves and other people. That’s one of the perks I am talking about.

The perks of friendship:

1) Someone to support you when shit hits the fan

2) Reduction in stress

3) Improved self worth & self confidence

4) Help extend your life. More Here

5) Decreased sense of isolation or lonliness

By building quality friendships we are setting ourselves up for success. Even if life seems to be going great right now without those friendships think about what will happen if adversity strikes. No one wants to think about losing a spouse or family member but who will be there if we do? Our friends will be there

There are many perks of friendship ranging from health to happiness and only a few are listed here. Friendship is so important that I’ve wrote several articles about it: Friendship is like datingWomen need healthy friendships, & 5 ways to cultivate positive relationships. The loneliest and hardest times of my life were when I lacked quality friendships. I deserve quality friendships and you do  too!



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