Trust Your Gut… Authenticity at It’s Finest

Authenticity has become a buzzword lately. It’s quite unfortunate because it’s such a powerful word when used right.  Authenticity boiled down to it’s very core is being who you truly are. That doesn’t mean trying to “fit in” or being someone we think we need to be but being who we are instead. I love the quote above from my  favorite Authenticity Author Brene Brown. Her books are amazing and are all on our Book List.

Ever heard the phrase “You have to trust your gut”? Trusting your gut is asking yourself “Does this feel right to me”. Trusting your gut is really tuning into what is authentic to you, what feels right. There’s one thing for sure my gut has never steered me wrong it’s only when I haven’t trusted it that I got it trouble.

Maybe your wondering how can I even get in tune with what my gut is telling me. Here are five simple steps to help you tune in :

1. Find A Quiet Place To Reflect. This can mean a quick restroom trip if there’s no other option. No one is going to question your need to pee.

2.  How Does This Make Me Feel?  Feel those feelings… Are you scared? Are you angry? Are you nervous? Etc…

 3. Why Am I Feeling This Way?  What about the situation or person makes you feel those feelings? Sometimes it’s something blatantly obvious and sometimes it’s a feeling you have. Trust your intuition.

4. What Actions Do I Need To Take?  Remove your emotions from the situation. Come from a place of love. Create an action plan that aligns with who you are as a person. Don’t react from a place of emotions.

5. Deep Breath. Take a deep breath. Gather yourself. Do what needs to be done and stay in tune with how you are feeling.  You are your greatest compass.

That Intuition or “Gut Check” is a wonderful tool we were all provided. The best way to be in tune with that is to be in tune with who you are. Who are you? Need help finding out check out my blog post I Once Was Lost.

Whether you think this a little woo woo or not you can’t deny the fact that sometimes we just know things. Follow these steps anytime you are starting to get that intuitive tingle and need to really tune. in. Remember you know you better than anyone else.



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