What I Learned From Being Clinically Depressed

Clinically Depressed, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Why is positivity so important to me? It’s because I know what it’s like to be negative. Towards the end of 2013 after a failed suicide attempt a doctor diagnosed me as clinically depressed. Nothing like being slapped with a  label to make you not be so positive. Most of my life I had experienced depression even from a very young age. Yet I was a pretty positive child.

Since being diagnosed over 4+ years I have learned many ways to cope with my depression. I’ve learned to be more mindful of how I’m feeling. Also I’ve learned to be more mindful about who I allow in my space. Even though I’m diagnosed as clinically depressed I don’ think that it has to be a part of my life forever. I can choose to do things to diminish it’s effects on me.

What I Learned From Being Clinically Depressed

1) It’s just a diagnosis not a life sentence. 

2) Taking care of myself is the most important thing I need to do.

3) Consistently negative people can trigger my depression. 

4) Healing takes time and the more I heal the less depressed I am.

5) A positive person can experience depression. 

Many of the things I do to help me diminish the effects of depression on me are the same things that have helped me build a more positive mindset. It all starts in the mind which is a fascinating complex thing. Only 50% of who we are is genes, the other 50% is our experiences. That means my genetics only are responsible for about 50% of my depression. The other 50% is how the experiences of my life shaped me.

That to me is fantastic news because it truly proves that being diagnosed with clinical depression is not a life sentence. I can, with time and hard work, overcome this diagnosis. Can I “cure” myself? No but I may go extended periods of time without ever experiencing depression. That’s like music to my ears.

If the label slapped on you is clinically depressed or negative or anything else know you can overcome this. It might take time. It might take hard work. You might even need professional help but you can do this! Remember you are brave, you are beautiful, you are amazing, and YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall



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