What’s in Your Space

What's in Your Space, Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

This year I made a goal to be more mindful of what’s in my space. That means the people or things that are around me. I realized that there were many people/things that I allowed in my space that didn’t make me feel good. Yet I continued to allow them into my space but no more.  Have you ever thought about what’s in your space?

Things/people either give you energy, take away energy or do a little bit of both. Ever been around someone that when you left them you felt like all the energy was sucked out of you? Those are the kind of people/things I am no longer allowing in my space. I have to be protective of my energy and so do you. Being drained of energy is just no fun.

How You Can be mindful of what’s in your space:

1) Check in with yourself. What things/people leave you feeling emptied?

2) Ask yourself: How can put space between these things/people and myself?

3) Have a conversation if necessary/possible. “Hi _____. I value our relationship but lately spending time with you has been making me feel pretty bad. I would love to change this if possible if not we will have to stop spending so much time together.”

4) Take Action. Start minimizing interaction with these things/people immediately. 

5) Spend more time with those things/people that make you feel good. 

It is important we protect our energy. No one wants to go through life feeling drained or resentful. Sometimes genuine conversations can help and other times we have to accept this is the way certain people are. There are some people I won’t have a conversation with because I know that it will cause to much drama. Having a little interaction with people/things that drain us is important.

Keep in mind these people/things may not drain everyone’s energy. This is not a time to wage a full out war on them. Instead it’s a time to protect your energy by putting up boundaries between you and this person/thing. For me there was a group of individuals that I continually felt drained after leaving their presence. I realized they are not my people and that’s ok.

If you need any help with this topic feel free to check out my article on Creating Boundaries.

Remember you are brave, you are kind, you are beautiful, and YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!!


Megan Hall

4 thoughts on “What’s in Your Space

  1. Christina says:

    I love this post! Will Smith said it best in an Instagram video a few weeks ago… “look at the last 5 text messages in your phone. Do those people light your fire and empower you?” The older I get the more I appreciate that less is more when it comes to supportive and positive friends!

    • Megan Hall says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I am really loving those videos from Will Smith. Who knew he was so profound? Quality over quantity every time!

  2. Karen Huffman says:

    I love everything about this post. Perhaps it is because I am turning 35 (eek!) next week but for the past month, I’ve been super reflective about what I want coming in and what I want to project out to the world. What Christina says totally resinates with me – do these people light my fire and empower me? Food for thought, for sure.

    • Megan Hall says:

      Happy belated birthday! Your comment totally got lost in all the spammy comments I received. I hope your self reflection went well. I had to do the same last year.

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