Why You Are Your Own Worst Critic

Why you are your own worst critic., Megan Hall, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Ever notice your biggest critic is the voice inside your head? It’s difficult to stay positive when there is this loud negative voice constantly showing up in your life. Our inner critic seems to show up at the most inconvenient of times whether it’s a speaking engagement or a call with a new client. The more we ignore it the louder it gets. You have to understand is why you are your own worst critic before you can handle it.

It’s impossible to really engage with someone when we don’t know them. Engaging someone we don’t understand causes us to jump to so many conclusions. Many times when it comes to our inner critic we just don’t understand her and think we are the only ones out there who deals with this. The answer is we all have it just some people are better at challenging and turning down the volume on their inner critic than others.

Why you are your own worst critic

1) You have spent a lifetime with yourself that means you know things about you that no one else does. 

2) Your experiences in life have shaped you for the good or bad. Everything that  has happened when you were younger up until now will fuel this critic.

3) This is not a conversation you can just walk away from because it’s happening in your own head.

4) When other people say what you are saying inside your head it just further validates your inner critic. 

5) Your ego wants you to be right and wants you to be safe.  That’s why when your inner critic pipes up your ego will look for all the reasons that she is right. Your ego is also more likely to focus on the negative because it’s trying to “protect” you from it. 

Does this mean we are all screwed? Absolutely not! There are many things we can put in place that will help turn down the volume on this inner critic and challenge her when she shows up. By challenging her I don’t mean try to ignore her because like a little child having a tantrum she will just yell louder. Instead we need to challenge her thinking by pointing out why she’s wrong.

Over time with challenging our inner critic and surrounding ourselves with people who don’t feed her she will learn to play nice. This doesn’t mean she will completely disappear just think of this as her growing up from toddler to adolescent. Our inner critic will learn to be on the playground (our mind) and let other people (our thoughts) have their own turn. She will still sometimes show up like “Hey I’m still here” but she will be a hell of a lot calmer and you will know how to handle her in a much healthier way.

If you need help turning down the volume on  your inner critic then put your information in the sign up link below. Remember you are brave, you are beautiful, you are amazing, and YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Megan Hall

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