Women Need Healthy Friendships

Healthy Friendships, Megan Hall

We chat a lot about friendships in The Inspired Women Community . Cultivating friendships  is something most women struggle with. An even bigger struggle it seems is not just cultivating friendships but cultivating healthy friendships. Why is it such a struggle?

Friendship expert Shasta Nelson was a recent guest on The Inspired Women Podcast. She shared with us that we are not alone, majority of women have these very same struggles. However it’s something we all need to focus more on because friendships are necessary  in order for us to be happy, healthy, and thriving. Time for us to cultivate some healthy friendships.

The struggle with all relationships not just friendships is it involves two imperfect people trying to make a go of things. We won’t always agree with the other person. Things won’t be amazing all the time. Sometimes it will be a bit messy. The question is “Is it worth it?”

I’ve learned the hard way that friendships are so important in our ability to thrive. Not just having one “best friend” but a variety of friendships. Unfortunately one person cannot be all of the things for us. That’s just way to much pressure on them. It’s often when we put such high expectations on other people that things tend to fall apart.

The question still remains “How can we cultivate healthy friendships with other women?”

five tips for cultivating healthy friendships

1) Have open and honest conversations. Instead of bottling things up like hurt feelings or misunderstanding have an open conversation with them.

2) Don’t listen to or participate in negativity and drama. If someone is talking about/acting like that to someone else chances are they will to you too eventually.

3) Give just as much if not more than you take. Relationships are a two ways street, one person cannot always be the giver.

4) Allow time for the friendship to grow. We don’t meet someone and automatically they are our best friend. It takes time.

5) Be yourself. It’s impossible to cultivate healthy relationships when you are pretending to be someone you’re not

We all need healthy friendships in order to thrive. They take time, consistency and some vulnerability to cultivate. You might get hurt but trust me when I say it’s worth it to find some quality friends. Go out and meet some new women. Find ones that have similar interests as you. Make it fun and exciting not scary.

In order to make friends we have to get out of our bubble and find them. Not everyone will be your friend and not every friend will be your best friend. Your vibes attract your tribe and the right friends will be attracted to you if your open to it.

Need more help in the friendship arena? Check out Shasta Nelson’s books: Friendships Just Don’t Happen and Frientimacy. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!



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