Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions. Megan Hall, Life Coach

DISCLAIMER: If four letter words offend you then Megan is not the coach for you

Megan is offering individual coaching sessions. These sessions are for those women who want help on a specific topic or need a “tune up”.

What do individual coaching SESSIONS Included:

You choose a day/time available on Megan’s calendar to do a call via zoom


You will be sent 7-10 questions to answer prior to your call with Megan to maximize your time together on the call


After your time together you will get a 10-20 minute video from Megan with more tips and encouragement

If you are looking for a more cost effective, longer time together check out Megan’s One on One Coaching.

Looking some guidance without a longer commitment? Want to toe dip into working with Megan? This a great way to start.

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