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DISCLAIMER: If four letter words offend you then Megan is not the coach for you

The Inspired Women sessions

What really sets Megan apart from others in her industry. It’s her willingness to meet women where they are. She doesn’t tell her clients her secret formula or what they “have to do” but instead she helps them discover their own pathways to success.

Megan helps busy women discover clarity among their chaos. She will help you discover simple steps to minimize your stress and maximize your joy.  These four week of coaching will be tailored to you!

What’s Included?


These calls are to answer any questions you might have and provide you support on your journey. Pick a day/time on Megan’s schedule that works best for you


These prompts help Megan understand more of what’s going on with you so she can give you the most value during your time together.


Every week Megan will send you a video tailored to what you have been working on with her.

  • Support in between calls

    In between calls you will be able to contact Megan to get additional support or questions answered

  • Much, Much More

    You will receive additional guidance as well as support tools to help on your journey

How can Megan Help you?

You can listen to a podcast all about what working with Megan is like. HERE

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