You Are Enough


The one person that hold us back from achieving everything we want in life is us. It’s us and the story we tell ourselves. Many of those stories start with an “I AM..” statement. I am not pretty enough. I am not skinny enough. I am not smart enough. I am just a mom. I am just a wife, I am a fraud. I am not creative enough.

Honestly it’s a whole lot of BS. We get all up in our own head and allow that negative inner voice to speak more than it really should. We talk to ourselves in a way we would never, ever talk to someone we love and care about. We treat ourselves worse than we would ever let someone else treat us.

New flash… when you talk to yourself negatively your allowing others to talk to you that way too. Then when they do and they say the same things you are saying to yourself it reaffirms what you’ve been thinking all along. It just feeds the negative mindset beast. Then down the negativity rabbit hole we go.

What would happen if we were just to say… I am enough? Not just say it but believe it too?  What if we truly believed we were enough? What would happen if we started talking to ourselves in a positive manner? I know what would happen. We would be UNSTOPPABLE!

Why? Our confidence will grow. We will believe in ourselves. We will be willing to take chances. We won’t be so scared. We will pull up our big girl pants and do some pretty freaking awesome things.

Wow that’s powerful.  But where do we even start? We have been struggling with this negative beast for longer than we even remember. It’s big, hungry, and has no intention of going away. Yikes! That’s pretty scary.

Here are a few things that might help:

  1. Treat your inner voice like you would a child throwing a tantrum (Thank you Darryl Stewart). You wouldn’t yell at a child and tell them to shut the hell up. Instead you would tell them that i that’s enough, it’s going to be ok and let them know they are safe.
  2. Flip your mindset around. When your inner voice speaks up in a not so nice tone flip it around. Turn that I am not enough to I am enough.
  3. Think of yourself as someone you love. Treat yourself accordingly. How would you treat someone you love? How would you want them to treat you?
  4. Talk to yourself in a positive manner. Yes this goes along with #3 but this is before your inner voice speaks up. Start saying some positive affirmations in the mirror every morning. You can start with the one “I AM ENOUGH!”
  5.  Get out of your comfort zone. There is no better way to prove to yourself that you are enough then doing something that scares you a little. Show you that you can do it.

It can be tough believing in ourselves. It can be scary. The zone of no belief is a safe zone for everyone. We can’t be hurt if we stay there. We can’t get hurt if we stay small and don’t believe. We can’t experience pain if we don’t do anything out of the ordinary. We feel safe in all our negative self talk because it’s scary to believe in ourselves. It makes us feel a bit unccomfortable

Time to get out of our comfort zones and remember we also can’t experience pure joy in the safe zone. We can’t feel that sense of accomplishment after we achieve your goals. We attract what we believe and we  start to attract some not so awesome people. That doesn’t sound like a very good time to me.

I know you can do this. Start with I am enough because you are more than enough. You Rock!

If you need any help with those positive affirmations I am your girl. You can schedule here:

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